Friday, May 27, 2016

Alex Jones show today

I was on the Alex Jones show today and I had a lot more to say, but of course there were time constraints. One thing I couldn’t make clear (time was running out) is that it is the SJWs who are engaging in hate speech. NOT us. 

When the SJWs shout us down, make death threats, call us insulting names and also try to destroy our livelihoods…well, that’s the epitome of hate—and hate speech.

Also, someone reminded me of a blog post I published last year after Alex’s divorce. I was angry and upset that he was a multi-millionaire as well as other things…but I removed the post when I calmed down and realized it was really none of my business. To be sure, it’s a let down when we realize our heroes are human beings with flaws.

But never admit flaws to the SJWs and NEVER apologize to them. If you do, be prepared to apologize for the rest of your life. There’s never a need for you to apologize for hurting someone’s feelings. That’s a by-product of free speech!

—Ben Garrison

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