Sunday, May 15, 2016

What Hate Mail Looks Like

Because I drew the FLOTUS in a less than flattering light, I was accused of hating ALL black women...then all women...and all blacks...and eventually I was accused of hating the USA. One offended person told me I was an 'insect.' Another told me I was the 'anti-Christ.'

You make my stomach turn - I would be very concern about my business if I were you - I hope you have a back up plan - You will be out of business by 2017 - Good bye you Bigoted asshole - I hope you lose every single thing you have - you are a horrible person and a bigot and I hope you get what ever it is that you deserve -

This is what SJWs do. If you're politically incorrect they go after your means of making a living. They want to destroy.

I drew a cartoon that was less than complimentary toward the First Lady. Let's get a few things straight: It wasn't racist. It was a humorous poke at a public figure. Liberals have praised her for her muscular figure and her 'super ripped arms.' Some, like Joan Rivers, have suggested she was a man. Well, trannies are in vogue right now, right? So what's the problem?

Michelle Obama is supported by taxpayer dollars and shares lavish vacations with her husband--all on the public dime. She forced a disastrous lunch program on the nation's students. Now many are unable to even bring their own lunches. A sack lunch with a peanut butter sandwich and an apple were staples in my day. Now kids are forced to eat what the gubmint tells them--and forces parents to pay for it.

It was also a test of sorts. I've frequently been called racist for drawing cartoons featuring Obama. When someone who is not liberal draws African Americans--look out. That's not allowed. Well, it needs to be allowed because they're public figures and collect large salaries from taxpayers. I've been told my cartoons are 'hateful' and 'unhelpful' as well as the expected "I hate your guts why don't you go kill yourself" fare. Too many Americans are now being silenced by social justice warriors (SJWs) and politically correct scolds who derive weird emotional satisfaction by strutting what they think is their 'moral superiority.' This kind of behavior is on the increase and it is stifling free speech to such a degree that even comedians don't feel comfortable making jokes on college campuses.

Even the 'Daily Mail' jumped on the bandwagon and posted a story about me to generate anti-Trump outrage. They didn't even bother to contact me for a comment.

I've seen very many outrageous cartoons drawn by liberal cartoonists that were critical of Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and even Dr. Ben Carson. Some were overtly racist, but those cartoonists receive a pass. Why? Because they're progressive/liberal artists. Take a look at what my old friend Steve Greenberg drew (which was actually fairly clever and funny):

What do you think would happen if a conservative drew a cartoon featuring a liberal African American without a brain?

OK, I didn't like Bush, but was it fair to show him as a monkey? What if a conservative did this to Obama?

Go ahead and see for yourself. Do a google search 'Ben Carson cartoon' and see what white liberal cartoonists did to this honorable man in the name of humor. But if a conservative cartoonist dares criticize a 'person of color?' Watch out! This is political correctness in action.

Nearly everything written or said these days can 'trigger' someone and throw them into a self-righteous rage. They are the most delicate of hothouses flowers. Maybe my cartoon will help toughen them up a bit. Unlike Bill Maher's show, "Politically Incorrect," my cartoon really WAS 'incorrect' whereas his program is, in actuality, mostly filled with political correctness. (He does rail against radical Islam which is refreshing). Maher routinely calls Trump an orangutan and says he has a 'micro penis.' Can you imagine a conservative talk show host saying similar things about a black politician? He'd be off the air in a heartbeat.

The outrage over one silly cartoon will soon blow over. It will be replaced by some new outrage and the SJW crowd will again go on the warpath. Hmmm...I guess 'warpath' is a politically incorrect word to use. Too frickin' bad! If you SJWs don't like it, you can go to your safe spaces.

Here's just a small smattering of the hate mail I received:

The fact that you think that foreign trash i.e. Melania Trump who is sprawled across the internet naked is better than Michelle Obama speaks volumes. It shows how ignorant you dumb ass is. It also shows just how racist you are. That THOT isn't in the same class as the first lady who is Harvard educated. Where is your degree from .....White Trash University I suppose.

(Angelo State University, 1979. Just before graduation, a friend of mine and I had our artwork featured at the school's gallery. He happened be African American and he was a terrific artist--a lot better than me.)

The "cartoon" comparing Michelle and melanoma
was vile! May your racist ass rot on hell!!

You're a racist piece of shit.

Your mother was a prostitute who popped out a bastard son. Stay in Montana with the rest of the dirty hicks who know nothing about the world.

Go ta' hell.

(Nice Irish accent there, Tom.)

Your comic of Michelle Obama is a horseshit, tasteless perpetuation of hatred & stereotyping of black women in America.

Also, the caricature artwork is boring/bland at best.

(She gets bonus points for being a perceptive art critic.)

Your cartoons are trashy and highly distasteful. The manner in which you drew Michelle Obama not only enforces stereotypes regarding black women but is just down right racist. Melania has numerous nude photos on internet FYI and wasn't even born in the USA. But because of the color of her skin and her socially-acceptable "feminine" physique, she's going to make the First Lady "Great Again." Give me a break. Michelle has numerous degrees and no nude photos floating around. MICHELLE is AMERICAN. And SHE is the kind of First Lady I want my kids and students to look up to. Stop being so superficial and judging women solely on their physical attributes. YOU are what's wrong with America!

(Nothing wrong with freedom of speech).

Please please kill yourself

I received a lot of mail that couldn't be answered--they hide behind anonymity. These are the hit and run types.

danny Kroger


I served in the core [sic] for 13 years and normally keep to myself but seeing your idiotic ignorant drawings.. made me feel ashamed I served to protect fools like yourself. your "art" is garbage and so are your "political" believes. Save us from your ignorance and rid yourself of this planet before any more of my brothers die trying to protect fools like yourself.

Danny, my dad fought in WWII and was in many battles. He and his generation fought and died to protect free speech--and that includes speech that may be offensive and unpopular. You need to protect that, too. It's your free speech to tell me my art is garbage and that I should die, but bear in mind that the combat boot may be on the other foot some day and it might be you who needs your free speech protected....OH...I guess you already are protected because you just sent me a 'tough guy' email under the safety blanket of anonymity. Real balls, there.

P.S. It's time for you to grow a pair and toughen up. Now drop and give me 20 for spelling it as 'core' and not 'corps!'


Bwa, ha, ha, ha this is what you call art? It's no wonder you can't get published in any credible publication or news site, not even Fox News LOLOL! So you guys have to resort to displaying your work on social media.. LOLOL! Social media is for the truly untalented. I just wanted to thank you guys for giving me a laugh with that Michelle Obama Vs. Melania Trump cartoon. Comparing a Harvard educated, beautiful BLACK attorney to a Slovenian gold digging slut was the biggest laugh of the day. Speaking of days, at the end of this one, Hillary will still be the bipartisan favorite to win this upcoming election, and our current SUCCESSFUL President of two terms will still be a BLACK man.. :-) Have a great day guys, and keep up the good work!

I don't consider this one hate mail because she didn't hurl a single curse word my way. I like her sarcastic style and I tip my hat to this critic.


I don't even know who or what you are Garrison. I know more about you now though. You are what the Bible refers to as the Anti-Christ. To depict our beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama, as a man, and an ugly man at that, has earned you some time in hell, you bastard. I'd love to meet you so I could put a bullet right through your vacant skull, you piece of slimy shit. My God in Heaven will punish you for this because every night I will get down on my knees and ask Him for justice for the pain you have caused Mrs. Obama and thousands of other people who love her as well. For your info, God ALWAYS answers my prayers! So good luck.



I found your recent anti-obama / pro-trump cartoon to be in poor taste and I hope you will remove it from your website. I believe that first ladies should be evaluated for their character and that strong women should not be degraded for their appearance.

That said, I totally get that you are a misogynist bigot and don't expect you to change your ways.


No, Jake. It's my free speech and I won't be removing anything. 

Cheers yourself.

I'm sure you'll use this email hit to exploit that your cartoons get traffic, hence you'll make money off this somehow or another. I have no problem with you taking cheap shots at political figures, they kind of deserve it. I do however think it's in poor taste for you to portray our cerebral First Lady as a Neanderthal and somehow Trumps 3rd or is it 4th skank wife is going to bring class back to the White House. You might want to double check who your target audience is because most every single person I know has nothing bad to say about our current First Lady but they all think Trumps current wife is a ridiculous twat. And what makes you think she can survive a presidency without having being replaced by a new First Lady? Your crap is low brow. Class it up.

Ha ha...I'm not making much money on anything. I'm scraping by like 60 percent of Americans are. My Patreon supporters have saved my bacon because the cartoons have hurt my commercial art career and Internet trolls made sure I was kicked out of my art gallery.

The FLOTUS is a legit target for a cartoon. She leads a lavish lifestyle and takes mega-vacations on the taxpayer dime while the rest of us are struggling to make rent. She hated America until her hubbie was elected. Her nanny state lunch program was a disaster and she has promoted racial division.

Many cartoonists draw safe, politically correct (i.e. liberal) cartoons unless they are attacking conservatives. I urge you to see what they did to black conservatives such as Condaleezza Rizce, Dr. Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas. They all but call them the 'N' word in pictorial form. Yet I am burned at the stake for daring to draw a politically correct cartoon and I don't adhere to the leftist agenda.

But that's free speech--sometimes it's distasteful, offensive and annoying. Regardless, it must be everyone has a say and the freedom to say it.

I just viewed the Ben Garrison satirical cartoon depicting Michelle Obama as a pumped up angry black woman pitted against the shapely and beautiful Melania Trump. I am horrified by the message this cartoon displays. I am a mild mannered pediatric white female nurse in my 60's who generally ignores responding to articles or political satire. But this hurts me and the children of this nation to the core. Shame on you Ben Garrison for displaying a strong, confident and highly educated woman with a voice in such an ugly light. I may not agree with all of Michelle Obama's positions but I applaud her strong intellect and voice that speaks from a credible knowledge base. I am so tired of people comparing women to each other based on their physical appearance as your cartoon does. Can you degrade us anymore? This hurts our children and tells young women they are nothing more than their physical appearance. It sends the same message to young men and this filters into our society in a manner that allows and promotes the subservience of women and reinforces inaccurate stereotypes. Please stop hurting our children. This is ugly and hateful and I would suggest you examine your own heart and head before you use your platform to hurt others.

If you really cared about 'the children', you'd join me and protest her nanny-state program of school lunches. She, along with her completely corrupt and fraud of a husband, are pushing GMO foods on the kid and nation. Yep, Obama is big friends with Monsanto, despite Michelle's organic garden. Michelle is smart? Michelle is privileged--she got into Princeton with mediocre grades...she got in because she's a legacy. Now she's an un-elected official pushing unappetizing and expensive lunches that are under-nourishing kids and, of course the parents must pay for them.

I drew her as she is--a muscular, petulant, angry human being--regardless of her color. She hates America and sees racism everywhere. She's the one who is an ugly and hateful race baiter who is hurting the children. Oh--and her own husband called her "Michelle" several times while she was proclaiming herself a 'single mother.' Something is not right! --Ben Garrison

Another one...

On 5/23/16 7:05 AM, wrote:
"...But this hurts me and the children of this nation to the core."

It may have hurt your feelings, but it had nothing to do with you or the 'children.' Michelle hurts children because she wants to force feed school kids GMO foods (her hubby strongly supports Monsanto. The portions she's delivering to kids are small and unappetizing. Many go hungry. Kids are fat? That's the parents' job to handle--not the state's. We don't need Big Government telling us what we can and cannot eat.

"Shame on you Ben Garrison for displaying a strong, confident and highly educated woman with a voice in such an ugly light."

It's called 'satire.' Editorial cartoons aren't meant to be nice and uplifting.

 "I am so tired of people comparing women to each other based on their physical appearance as your cartoon does. Can you degrade us anymore?"
Not degrading you or woman in general. It's specifically about two people in the public limelight. It's called 'caricature.'

"This hurts our children and tells young women they are nothing more than their physical appearance."
Again with the children. There is nothing in the cartoon that hurts children. It doesn't hurt young women. It's about two separate individuals.

"It sends the same message to young men and this filters into our society in a manner that allows and promotes the subservience of women and reinforces inaccurate stereotypes. Please stop hurting our children."
I'm not hurting children. You have no argument there. Again, the cartoon is about two people, not ALL women and I'm not reinforcing anything. Michelle has mannish features including large shoulders. Liberals praise her 'ripped,' athletic appearance. Obama has called her "Michael" during speeches. The tranny issue is an Internet meme that perhaps began with Joan Rivers' statements. Obama is pushing transexual issues in public schools. Michelle is a public figure living a lavish lifestyle on the taxpayers' dime while she pushes programs that further her nanny-state goals with haughtiness and arrogance. THEY are the ones hurting our children. She can't even smile or wave when getting off Air Force One. She once stated she was never proud of her country until her husband was elected. She once claimed to be a 'single mom.' She claims to see racism everywhere along with her husband. They have not made race relations better--they have made them worse. Obama is a fraud, a liar and puppet of the globalist oligarchy.

"This is ugly and hateful and I would suggest you examine your own heart and head before you use your platform to hurt others." 
There's something in this country called FREE SPEECH and that includes satire, which is at its core, mean. It's aimed at corrupt people in power. Use it or lose it. I'm using it. The only thing that needs examining in this country is the Constitution. More people need to read it.


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