Saturday, May 14, 2016

Open Letter to an SJW


I understand you are entitled to your opinions because we all live in the United States. However, you do not live the consquences of your cartoons. They are spreading hate. I understand you may not like other people who are different because this society is made for you to progress further any women [sic] or any group of people of color. People in your position (white men) see these cartoon and thinks its okay to spread hate. Please stop spreading the hate. Especially your cartoon comparing Michele Obama vs. Mrs. Trump. Please also see this video to tell you why I find your cartoon so offensive.

My response:

I've been called a racist, a mass murderer, a Nazi, a white supremacist, an anti-Semite, a short, every name in the book. Nearly every single cartoon I've ever drawn has been defaced into racist and anti-Semitic hate. They take no responsibility for their libel. I'm the one who is forced to deal with it. So don't hector me about taking responsibility. If people want to get all worked up and offended by humor, it's their prerogative. I do take responsibility--I sign my own name to the damn things. The anon cartoonist known as A. Wyatt Mann has been revealed to be Nick Bougas. He never took responsibility for his hateful cartoons. Instead, they pasted his work over mine and I had to take the flak. Accusing me of not taking responsibility is the acme of silliness.

Nazi twerps photoshopped me into a Nazi uniform to ruin my reputation. Nobody cares--certainly not lawyers. I've been insulted, maligned and impugned for over 6 years and my career has been hurt by trolls seeking 'revenge.' My wife and kid have been attacked too, and they had nothing to do with it. Last year I had to leave the art gallery I was in due to cruel lies told to the owner. Almost nobody cared when such hate was spread about me. It's impossible for you to make me 'feel bad' about anything.

"Progress further." What does that even mean? I'm fed up and struggling like nearly all Americans--thanks to our corrupt and dysfunctional system of money. The economy remains in shambles. Obama lied to everyone and is no better than Bush...they both carried out the bidding of the central banker masters.

Michelle and Obama are public figures and subject to ridicule. It's well-deserved. It's a cartoon meant to prompt humor. Many SJWs can't seem to laugh anything off!

I've seen terrible, disgusting cartoons drawn about Trump. I don't like them. Tough beans. That's free speech. If you want me burned at the stake for expressing my own free speech, well...I live in Lakeside Montana. Come and get me.


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