Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Time to Audit the Federal Reserve

Last year when I still lived in Washington State, I wrote my congressman (Jay Inslee) and both Senators telling them to vote NO to the banker 'too big to fail' bail-out bill that cost us taxpayers trillions of dollars. Even though I and nearly 90 percent of the other letter writers wanted 'NO,' it passed anyway. Now they have the gall to say they're against 'too big to fail' after the bail out bill has proved to be an abysmal failure. None of that money trickled down to the 'small bizshnuss' man as Bush promised. Right now credit is tighter than a snare drum, but Goldman Sach certainly made out well--their stock more than doubled. They also raked in record bonuses while many Americans got pink slips. And now they're offering to loan $500 million to small businesses as a PR gesture. What a pathetic joke. Why are so many GS operatives in key government positions? To change the rules to favor themselves. If this isn't fascism, it's at least cut-throat capitalism. Some call it 'crony capitalism.'

Earlier today I happened to catch Sen. Judd Gregg on CNBC getting visibly angry when questioned about Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve. CNBC and other media outlets routinely support the Fed, Geithner and the status quo. They repeated the Gregg clip throughout the day. In these days of kelpto-corporatocracy, fair reporting gets replaced by naked greed and self-interest.

I'm paraphrasing from memory, but here's what the foolish senator spouted:

"Auditing the Fed is an outrage!" "The Congress can't manage its own fiscal policy, but now they want to manage monetary decisions?" "The Fed needs to maintain it's independence, but they want to unfairly paint it as a dark entity!" "This reminds me of William Jennings 'populism.' "Paul and his supporters just want to beat up on the Fed to get reelected." "It's the Fed's job to keep the dollar sound--and this bill endangers that..."


It amazes me how HE thinks people have lost touch with economic reality when its the FED who has bankrupted America more than any other entity--including our spendthrift Congress!

• Auditing the Fed is not an outrage. The Fed's 'independence' has enabled a cabal of private bankers to control our money system--and us. Paul has said it's not about interfering with monetary decisions. It's about finding out where trillions of dollars went--a lot of it to mystery banks overseas!

• It's not a matter of Dems vs. Republicans and it certainly is not about 'populism.' It's about We The People having some say where OUR money goes--the money we must pay for with interest.

• We need the Fed to keep the dollar 'sound?' That was a howler. How can that guy say that with a straight face. Hard to believe he can say that when, after the establishment of that pernicious institution, the dollar has lost 96 percent of its value--and going down!

Gold and silver are the only safe haven against the 'Fed's monetary decisions' and that's why precious metal has been going up.

It amazes me how some people continue to want to cast a cloak of meretricious goodness over these bums. They're worse than bums. They're greedy, money-mad, power-hungry criminals. Yet how many times have we heard talk show hosts like Alan Colms and Bill Maher say "Oh, I'm no economics expert and I don't understand the Fed...we should just let them handle it!" My jaw drops when I hear this. These guys are experts in politics and have opinions on everything under the sun EXCEPT the most important thing--who controls our money? He who controls the money controls the game! That's why Goldman Sachs has so many operatives and lobbyists in government!

It's time for Americans to WAKE UP and see the curtains pulled back on this money system we have. It's BROKEN.

OK, that's enough from me.