Saturday, July 13, 2019


Read this claptrap from HuffPo:

"Politico reported Wednesday that Ben Garrison, a fringe conservative cartoonist, had been uninvited from the event after reporters dug up his anti-Semitic cartoon depicting the Rothschild family and billionaire investor George Soros ― all Jews ― as puppet masters. Critics called out event organizers for including Garrison in the first place. What did it say about the White House that an outspoken racist was invited to represent conservative social media?"

1. I'm an independent cartoonist. 'Fringe' is a pejorative word designed to make me sound like a weirdo.

2. You didn't have to dig up that cartoon. We have it on our site. We aren't ashamed of it. We aren't hiding anything. It took no digging to find it, you lazy liars.

3. I criticize the Rothschilds for inflicting their fractional reserve/central banking debt money on us all--and that includes hard working Jews. If I were anti-Semitic, I would have labeled that hand "Jews." You and Politico are libeling me, HuffPo.

4. Why did you say 'all Jews' when you are alluding to only two of them. Shouldn't it be 'both' instead of all? You did that intentionally for drama and to aggrandize the false outrage.

5. "Outspoken racist." Please show me where I said anything racist, you lying liars.

Social Media Summit After Party

Here's a photo from the party held in a banquet room at the Trump International Hotel. I met nearly everyone here except for the woman in the center with the fancy dress. I think she's a singer. I didn't want to wear my hat, but Tina said it was part of my meme and I should keep it on, and as it turned out you wouldn't know I'm here if it weren't for my hat standing out. Anyway, there were a lot of young people there who were very smart, well spoken and many looked like movie stars to me. The guy with his thumbs up looked a lot like Sammy Davis Jr.

These mostly young people give me hope for the future. Some know more about what's going on than I do. 

The man on the very far left made sure I was invited. He's the famous meme master 'Carpe Donktum' and I gave him a proof copy of our coffee table book that originally I had intended to give the president. He was very happy to get it. I talked to the man in the red tie from "Mad Liberals" and he's a freaking genius at putting together meme videos.

I had a good time and toward the end a man who hadn't been at the party came suddenly came up to me and told me he loved my cartoons. He was associated with the White House in some capacity (my addled brain no longer remembers his name) and he told me that the president himself wanted me at the summit. Then things went awry, but oh well. It was still nice to hear since I wasn't sure the president even knew who I was.

OH-the guy seen left of me in the photo is Mark Dice. I did a commissioned cartoon for him once. He was fun to talk to as well. The young lady in the white shirt is Millie Weaver from InfoWars.

No, I'm Not Anti-Semitic!

I’m back from my whirlwind trip to our nation’s capital. As my supporters know, I was invited to visit the White House to join my peers, otherwise known as ‘influencers’ on the Internet and discuss the ongoing and increased censorship of conservative voices. Then I got censored from the summit on censorship.

Some have said I brought it on myself by announcing the invitation I received from the president. I can’t disagree with that assessment now, but at the time we at GrrrGraphics were bursting with excitement. We wanted to share the news with those who have helped us. After all, our supporters were the ones who would make such a trip possible. There would have been no way I could afford to go without them, and it was an expensive trip. 

My old suit was 20 years old and I could no longer fit in it. So I bought a nice new suit and new shoes. I had to buy plane tickets and since they weren’t purchased well in advance they weren’t cheap—even though I got the cheapest, ‘basic economy’ tickets I could find. (It would also mean that later I could not cancel and get my money back). I was going to stay at the cheapest hotel I could find too, but my wife correctly stated that if I’m going to see the president I needed to stay at his hotel. So I did. It cost well over $300 per night. At the end, it cost us a small fortune. The taxi fare to and from Dulles Airport was very expensive. After I arrived at the hotel I was hungry and so got myself a steak dinner. Along with one martini added in, the tab came to $88. Plus tip. On my final night there I decided to scrimp and just eat an appetizer. That came to $28 for a shrimp cocktail containing four shrimp, but at least it was artfully presented.

The expense would have been worth it had I been able to see the president in person as planned. Alas, it was not to be. The ADL made sure of that. The Anti Defamation League is an organization designed to thwart bigotry and hate toward Jewish people. They try to punish anyone who might express sentiments by means of public condemnation and shame. In other words, their mission to end ‘hate speech’ is brought about by controlling free speech. They’re now an official censor. How in the hell did that happen?

Out of all the cartoons I’ve drawn over the last ten years, the ADL focussed on a single cartoon drawn by me. It was commissioned by Mike Cernovich, who helped us out a lot during a time when we needed help the most. After he published the cartoon, he immediately received flak and as a result he cropped out the controlling hand at the top. Since it was his cartoon it was his prerogative, but the uncropped version remains on our website. I will not apologize for it, because there’s nothing to apologize for. It’s also featured in my latest coffee table book, which will be sent out later this summer to all those who bought it in advance.

The cartoon was used by the ADL as ‘proof’ of my ‘blatant anti-Semitism.’ Since I was going to the White House the biased corporate media soon piled on and breathlessly repeated the smear, and the word ‘blatant.’ It wasn’t blatant and it wasn’t anti-Semitic. It was anti-central banking and globalism. Regardless, Jake Tapper did a gleeful tap dance as he played the ‘Gotcha!’ game. The fake news media made a huge something out of literally nothing.

As a result, a White House representative called me. They were wondering if my presence would be too much of a ‘distraction.' I didn’t pick up on their cue at first. “Oh no, don’t worry about it, it’s just a tempest in a teapot—I’m still happy to be coming.” Silly me. I didn’t pick up their real intent. I was being asked to voluntarily withdraw so the president wouldn’t be seen as the one who kicked me out. They wanted me to kick myself out for the good of the summit and so I did. My only proviso to them was that it all be kept silent. I would not tell anyone and the White House wouldn’t mention I wasn’t going to be there either. The media could all twist in their collectivist wind. 

But that’s not what happened. Instead they quickly caught wind that I wasn’t going and gleefully howled about their victory. Did they find out from someone at the White House? That’s what I thought at first and I felt betrayed and angry. I was on CNN International News. It was said Trump was doing the right thing by banning an ‘obvious’ anti-Semitic person such as me. Later the White House denied they leaked the story and that they were engaged in ‘fake news’ speculation. Really? What an obfuscated mess! My reputation was trampled upon mercilessly. Like that scene played by Al Pacino in “Scarface,” I was the ‘bad guy.

"What you lookin' at? You're all a bunch of fuckin' assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.”

The ADL needs people like me. They need to point a hectoring finger of attention to someone who they can claim is an anti-Semitic monster. Someone who is a purveyor of hate and potential harm to Jewish people. They capitalize on that fear to draw in millions of dollars in donations, which helps bring them power and more influence. I was held up as their ‘bad guy.’ Their evidence? I labeled a sinister hand with the word, “Rothschilds.

I put that same word on another cartoon. The ‘R’s were featured in a vast swamp that also showed President Trump, who was just starting to drain it. Why didn’t they focus on that cartoon? Because it portrayed Trump in a positive light. Instead, they riveted attention toward the classic puppet/string metaphor, which they claimed in and of itself was anti-Semitic. This link will show you their take on it:

This is the supposed evidence that made me into their ‘bad guy.’ They’re wrong. If I were really anti-Semitic, I would have written the word “Jews” on the hand. I didn’t. I don’t go after people based on their race or religion. I criticize people for what they do. What did the Rothschilds do? For centuries, they’ve dominated global finance. It’s a family that pushed a globalist agenda while manipulating countries and currencies. They’ve urged countries to go to war with each other, while profiting on both sides. The Rothschilds virtually invented central and fractional reserve banking and were instrumental in the formation of the Federal Reserve debt money system. JP Morgan did their bidding. 

They say the ‘R' family today has dissipated their wealth and are no longer a factor. If that’s the case, why all the fuss? It is said we know who is really running the show when we find out whom we cannot discuss. We can’t talk about the Rothschilds. They are protected by a red shield—their ‘anti-Semitism’ accusation shield. 

It’s hard to find out what the Rothschilds are currently worth. An internet search would show that the ‘R’ family has little wealth today. They’ve fallen on hard times! Stop attacking those poor people! In actuality, a small number of families control 40 percent of the world’s wealth. You can’t mention these families without getting attacked. I suspect the ‘R’s’ are still trillionaires, but their wealth is hidden by trust funds and such. Regardless, the cartoon represents the globalist central bankers that pull the strings of Soros and it’s getting to the point now where you can no longer mention George’s last name in a negative light without getting called anti-you-know-who. 

I’m not anti-Semitic and I’ve never drawn a single anti-Semitic cartoon. The Rothschilds are public and historical figures that should not be immune to criticism. Their debt money system hurts us all—including average and hard working Jews! If the ADL wants to imagine sinister things about me and claim my cartoons are dogwhistles for anti-Semitism, then they should state that as opinion, not fact. Unfortunately their opinion is treated as fact by the mainstream media. As a result, I was viciously libeled. It has cost me my reputation and a lot of money. It also cost me a chance to see the president.

—Ben Garrison

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Zuckerberg The Censor

Facebook claims it has ‘community standards’ enforced to remove hate speech. In part one of this two part cartoon series, I proved that was a lie. To refresh memories, see the screen shot image at the end of this post as another example. Bear in mind that a Facebook spokesman recently said this:

“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology,” 

What I reported was clearly a ‘hate speech’ page, even though they were using my cartoons which they vandalized to express their quest for murder. Facebook, as usual, said it did not violate their community standards. As long as conservatives are made to look like monsters, Zuckerberg seemed to be A-OK with it.

Now the CEO of Facebook is blatantly censoring conservative people such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer. Facebook will not even allow on ‘his’ site praise for these people by others. Zuckerberg wants them digitally erased from history. He labeled them ‘dangerous individuals.’ The lefty media teamed up and parroted the defamation, calling them ‘controversial figures of hate.’ It’s all ridiculous, but at least Facebook’s lies have been exposed. We know how the Deep State, including the CIA and Silicon Valley, consider those of us who want to preserve our Republic to be ‘figures of hate.’

Silicon Valley companies will increasingly allow conservatives to be banned as we approach the 2020 election. What’s next, will they call us ‘terrorists?’ Will we be sent to gulags? Facebook now has around 2.7 billion users. People depend on it to easily connect with friends and family. It has become a public utility of sorts and it all may have started with CIA funding.

Before you call me a conspiracy theorist, consider that the CIA has for a long time been funding Silicon Valley tech companies that interest them. They created a venture capital firm called “In-Q-Tel,” and that firm helped fund many up-and-comers including Peter Thiel’s “Palantir,” which was an all-encompassing means to gather data on everything. Although Thiel is a self-professed ‘libertarian,’ his Palantir destroys privacy. It is literally the Eye of Sauron. In the hands of the CIA, it would make that institution that much more powerful and tyrannical. Thiel may have also recommended funding for Facebook. He got in early and made a large part of his billions through Facebook stock. The CIA must love their honeypot that is Facebook. After all, billions of people voluntarily release their personal details. Zuckerberg loves it because he sells the dumb effers' data to advertisers. Facebook users are also the product. Zuckerberg is the pefect nerdy front man for the CIA. As a bonus, Zuckerberg spent some time at Harvard, which is a known and very corrupt pipeline feeding the Deep State Swamp.

Now the billionaire tyrant wants to introduce a social credit system that rewards users for politically correct behavior on his platform. It sounds suspiciously similar to China’s system, designed to keep their citizens in line. Everyone there wants a high rating. Those with low ratings are unable to travel, get a loan, or even get a job. Zuckerberg wants that for Americans.  

The CIA commands way too much power and control and they always want more. I doubt many taxpayers know they are funding their own enslavement by allowing a ‘security’ agency to fund Silicon Valley companies, who now control most of our digital free speech. The CIA seems to love billionaires like Zuckerberg, Soros, and Bezos, who are working together to silence patriots who value freedom.

—Ben Garrison

Sunday, April 28, 2019

My Doomed Attempt to Converse With Young Socialists

Update: Facebook kicked off Alex Jones and many others today--and defamed them for being bigots, racists, and purveyors of 'hate speech.' That's richly ironic since FB for years allowed the theft of my name and face to spread hate and terrorist threats. BUT--since I'm conservative, it's just funny, right Zuckerberg? I didn't get the boot today but I have been temporarily banned for 'hate speech.' What I said wasn't hateful at all--but functionaries at Zuckerberg's CIA-created platform, they get to make up whatever they want. Zuckerberg is the hater--he hates our First Amendment. He's a traitor and a twerp.


I noticed a page on Facebook set up to bash me and my cartoons. This seemed a little strange. If they hated my cartoons so much, they could simply not look at them. Regardless, the page was a great improvement over what I had to deal with about five years ago. In 2014, Facebook allowed 10 instances of pages using my name and face along with vandalized cartoons—all designed to destroy my reputation. The pages had a lot of followers—and they received far more traffic than our own website was receiving at the time. The pages were peppered with quotes attributed to me calling for the murder of Jews, African Americans, gay people, and so on. Facebook would not immediately remove the pages even though they were calling for violence and murder. It would take weeks of complaints from me to get a page removed, only for another page to spring up and take its place. In 2014 alone I spent over 100 man hours trying to remove troll material and impersonators from Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. It took years of struggle to finally regain my own identity and make people realize I was not the Nazi doppleganger the trolls had created.

Still, I was a little surprised to come across a page set up to allow left-leaning and mostly young socialists to attack and make fun of my cartoons. That’s fine—at least the cartoons got under their skin enough to do such a thing. The trolls have long been defeated by us, and at this point there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The moderator there said no conservatives would be allowed except temporarily—so that he would have time to encourage his socialist members to laugh and crudely insult them—until they’re driven off the page. 

I asked the moderator if I could join the board and to my surprise he allowed it and even asked if I would do an impromptu AMA. I agreed. The AMA lasted well over an hour and I furiously typed answers to most questions thrown my way. Of course, there were some gross insults tossed my way too, but I expected that. I was pleasantly surprised because even though they disagreed with nearly all of my cartoons, most were polite and happy to have a chance to exchange words with the cartoon creator—me.

This was short-lived. Soon the board was getting chastised for ‘sucking up to Ben just because he’s a celebrity.’ I don’t consider myself or care about celebrity, but shortly thereafter reasoned debate and decorum were out the window. I continued to reply to the AMA threads as well as comment on new cartoons that were posted. The trolls multiplied and began to get more aggressive. They kept calling me a ‘coward' for not ‘debating’ them, but I didn’t consider vile insults to be debate. I was told that when the socialists took over I would be sent to a gulag and forced to draw pro-Marx cartoons. Socialism doesn’t work. It always devolves into naked tyranny that forces people to work. They were already expressing this mindset in their comments.

Bear in mind that I expected to be called names and I was—very frequently. Many expressed their sadistic delight at having a chance to ‘shit’ on me. That’s how they put it. Everything posted by me was met with hearty laughter. I was repeatedly called a ‘coward’ for avoiding answers to questions that I was in no way avoiding. The once polite pack of mostly young people seemed to smell blood in the water and went after me like piranhas. I was told what I was doing was a ‘crime’ and that I lacked humanity. Dehumanizing someone by calling them names such as ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ or ‘Nazi’ is what allows Antifa to commit violence. 

The so-called debate devolved into even worse name-calling spree at about the 7th grade level. Without wit or subtly, the pathetic hatred spewed by many of the lost chuckleheads was sad. No wonder Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was elected, I thought. She’s one of them. Their behavior was similar to the new Congresswoman. That is, they seemed very certain and completely confident that they had truth in their corner. In reality they epitomized the militant ignorance of socialism. 

Anyway, eventually I was insulted about my sagging face. So what? I’m an old man—what can be done? Tina was insulted for her looks, too. I tried to tell the young chuckleheads that old age will happen to them, too--and far sooner than they imagine, but it was no use. None of the insults bothered me. After receiving endless hate mail and getting trolled for years on end, I’m now well-calloused to insult, but the participants were all acting on a very low-level of consciousness and it became pointless and sad. It was time to for me to leave, and so I did. Shortly thereafter the moderator accused me of being ‘afraid of debate.’ The truth is he encouraged his socialist members to laugh and crudely insult me--until I was driven off the page. 

I’m hoping I didn’t get a slice of what most young people are about these days. They all seemed to think socialism is the way to go. If they have their way in the future, America as we know it will be gone. 

—Ben Garrison

Additional: One of the twerps there said I need to answer for my cartoon 'crimes.' I jokingly said, "Call 911! Call the FBI! Arrest me now!" For that, Facebook sent me a warning that I was engaging in hate speech.

Additional update: The young socialists hate free speech. They continue to attack me and now Facebook gave me a three-day ban. Bear in mind that I don't like hate speech, but I definite it differently. I consider hate speech to be libel, defamation, death threats, and terrorist threats. NOPE! It now includes making an offhand remark or joke that hurts the feelings of someone, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Once upon a time Facebook allowed pages to be created by trolls. They used my name, my face, and vandalized cartoons while calling for murder--the murder of gays, blacks, jews, and so on. Facebook refused to remove these pages time after time. There were 10 instances in 2014. In one case I had to enlist the help of lawyers to get them removed. So now we know--Facebook hates conservatives and libertarians. We can talk about the weather or the food we like (promptly sold to advertisers) but we're not allowed to talk about social issues or politics--that's 'hate speech.' It will get worse for Trump supporters as the 2020 election approaches.

Go to Hell, socialist trolls. Go to Hell, Zuckerberg. You're a traitor to the First Amendment. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Roger Stone's Arrest

Last week Roger Stone was awakened by over one dozen FBI agents who conducted a pre-dawn raid at his home in Florida. Mueller’s goons wore flak jackets and sported weapons design to intimidate. Beria and Stalin would have been proud.

There was no reason for a raid of that scope. Stone is a peaceful man who was cooperating with Mueller’s investigation. Stone has done nothing wrong and there was no collaboration with Russia. He’s stands accused of invented ‘process’ crimes. So why was he treated like a narco kingpin or arch villain?

This excessive abuse of government power by jackbooted thugs were condemned by Democrats. Oh wait…no….they heartily applauded such action. HBO comedian Bill Maher said Stone was an upper echelon bad guy who deserved it because he’s so unlikeable. He’s expecting them to arrest President Trump next, whom he constantly calls a ‘traitor.’ Maher continues to cling to the Russian collusion lie and jokes that Trump is working for Putin. The dossier used by the FBI to conduct surveillance on Trump and his campaign was based on that lie, which was bought and paid for by Hillary. Hillary is an arch criminal and traitor who should be in jail. She lied to the FBI, destroyed evidence, sold her country out for money (Uranium One) and dozens of other crimes I won’t get into here. Suffice it to say she’s exacting revenge on the ‘deplorables’ who helped get Trump elected. Roger Stone efficaciously made that happen.

A big fuss and show had to be made over Stone’s arrest. The rogue criminal cartel known as the Deep State must make something out of literally nothing to justify the arrest of more targets—their final target being Trump himself. This is a coup being carried out by the Deep State and its special prosecutor is especially corrupt–and without oversight or accountability. Mueller has an unlimited budget while being responsible to no one. He does what he wants and sends his Gestapo out to get the job done. No, I won’t say how great some FBI agents are and that they’re good people and ‘patriots.’ They are going along with an unconstitutional take down down of a lawfully-elected president. The FBI and CIA need to be broken up. They have accrued way too much power over the decades. They all share in the blame, as does the traitorous Deep State media arms. CIA-NN in particular. Their tipoff to make the show more scary was absolutely disgusting. The government watchdogs who were once supposed to be journalists have become lying, filthy rats in charge of brainwashing citizens.

We are hurtling toward very dark times if we don’t stop this. First they came for Stone—eventually they’ll get to all of us deplorables for invented crimes. They already have enough illegally obtained info on us all. They have our email, browsing history, phone calls, purchases, financial and medical records—everything. It’s all stored up and ready to use against us for some concocted process crime. They will then send us to prison or gulags. What’s next, a shot in the back of the head? Ha ha, very funny, right Bill Maher? I’m sure many Democrats would applaud that, too. Anything to further their cause of communism.

Wake up, Trump! As Alex Jones said, it’s time to go on offense!

—Ben Garrison