Sunday, May 31, 2015


"I do not consent to a search."

These are words all Americans should memorize.

My son was pulled over by a cop last week when he was driving from North Dakota to Billings. The police started to question him...asking if he had anything to drink (no) and then the cop claimed my son's eyes were 'watery.' At the point the cop wanted to search his car. A cop's imagination is not probable cause. My son had listened to me and wisely told him, "I do not consent to a search." The cop then left. There was no ticket. After all, going 5 mph over the speed limit was hardly worth it. The revenue generator, er, cop, was on a fishing expedition and moved on to snag easier prey.

DO NOT CONSENT TO A SEARCH. Ever. It can never be to your benefit. You do not need to show the cops your 'support' and the cops are NOT your friends. Their job is to find or invent a case and arrest you and get you spending thousands of dollars. That's what it's all about. Again, the cops are out there to arrest you and generate money for their corrupt system. DO NOT TALK TO THEM other than to assert your rights. If you must talk to them, simply say..."Am I free to go?"

Sometimes this does not work. Watch this video.

The cop got off scot free, of course. No wonder we hear, "No justice, no peace!"

Friday, May 29, 2015


Just a reminder...this is a freaking AWESOME painting.

Illustration vs. Fine art

People have often asked the difference between illustration and fine art. Some have said there is no difference at all. I think there is a difference. A big difference. I shall attempt to answer that question here.

But first, an anecdotal story: I once rented a vacation home in Montana. It was chalk full of Montana clichés. A small carved bear hugged the staircase. The house was rustic and came with a wood stove. Well, not really. It was fake--it was propane stove. The more I looked at the place, I realized it was chalk full of fakery. It's what tourists would expect and the landlord delivered. Mostly, it was filled with well-framed prints by a very popular artist here in Montana named Monte Dolack. He has a gallery in Missoula and apparently he's made a good living from what he does.

What he does is produce clichéd illustrations of Montana wildlife and such. He has sold a great many prints. The landlord had one of his framed prints just above the toilet. It featured wild ducks in a bathroom. It was titled "Suburban Refuge." I was forced to look at his painting daily since it was featured above the toilet. Ducks were in a bathtub and toilet. One was stepping on a tube of toothpaste and squeezing out an inordinate amount of toothpaste considering his weight. The bathtub was fixing to overflow. Apparently it did not have the usual drain that prevented that from happening. Logic cannot interfere--the narrative was wild ducks wreaking havoc and the artist had to force the issue.

I began to hate this painting with a passion. So much so that I removed it and put it facing the wall. It represented everything I hate about art.

Of course, Monte is far more successful than I am. He is perhaps the most celebrated artist in Montana. How did he obtain that status? He painted junk that appealed to the masses, that's how. The landlord had several other framed prints throughout the house and I despised each and every one of them. To be sure, he is far more successful than I am and he's apparently well-loved. I'm unknown. So what. I would never trade places with him.

He's an illustrator and not a fine artist, even if many claim that he is. He paints in an unoriginal style and hangs each work on a narrative and then the art is forced to adhere to that story line. Penguins destroying a refrigerator. A cloud in the shape of a buffalo. Trout in a couch. All rendered in minute, granular detail as if quality is measured by detail by the pound. No matter--simply give it a profound title such as 'Landscapes of the Mind' and people will flock to buy it. And they have. I know Monte couldn't care less about my opinion and I'm sure he'd hate my work. No matter. It's fair use and I happen to have chosen him as an example of illustration vs. fine art. His work is illustration because it depends on a 'hook' or story to reel the viewer in. Such narratives sell artwork--especially here in Montana. Fine art rests on its own merits and relies on the input of the onlooker. The viewer has to invest emotional energy into the work seen and that means an emotional connection occurs. The person is engaged at looking at art when this happens. It's fine art.

I'm a long time commercial artist and illustrator so I know these things. I know how to create metaphors that manipulate and teach the viewer about the content. This is useful and illustration does serve an important purpose. I get paid for doing what I do. It's not fine art. I came up with the following table to help further this understanding:

Of course, I can go on and on about this, but I think anyone who has read this gets the point. Illustration is narrative--left brain and horizontal thinking. Fine art transcends words and description. It stands on it's own merit--it's vertical thinking, which is far more effective at providing the meaning of life. Ducks in a bathtub do not provide the meaning of life.

--Ben Garrison

Prokofiev - Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Flat Major, Op. 10

Prokofiev looked like a Russian businessman, but his music was amazing. This is an early work and it's very short--but it's a work of genius. Prokofiev returned to Russia at the worst possible time....Stalin had taken over and it was a grim time for creative geniuses such as him. (And Shostakovich).

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Daily Reminder: Andrew Anglin is a Little Troll

The fake Nazi scamp is at it again. Andrew Anglin, I mean. Apparently he's published another photo of me in a Nazi uniform (yawn) along with an anti-Semitic hate screed. I guess he's run out of original ideas. No worries...his daddy--Greg Anglin, a professional Christian "counselor," who apparently prefers that his patients are good looking young ladies, will pay his bills when he can't raise enough donations from his hate. His dad has received bad reviews for his work... perhaps because he mostly enjoys toying with people's minds. Like father, like son.

Little Andrew is a trolling scallywag--following in his dad's footsteps. He's not a Nazi--that's just the song and dance he puts on in order to raise money through hate. In my book I've exposed him for what he is--he's a professional troll. Seen in this light, he is harmless. (Unlike his dad who messes with people's minds for a living).

Enjoy your hate, get back to work and earn those shekels...your dad can't be expected to pick up your tab forever.

Here is an earlier message that I posted:

Anglin is a spoiled, immature troll and nothing more. He uses his cartoon Nazi site to attract haters willing to support his troll habit. In other words, he's figured out how to get paid to troll. He knows hate pays. He's admitted that trolling is his passion. He's proud of it...but when Anglin himself is trolled he tosses a tear-filled tantrum. He also fancies himself some sort of journalist, which is laughable and pathetic.

What's even more pathetic is big daddy bankrolls his son's bad behavior. It must be interesting for him, a so-called 'Christian mental health professional,' to sit back and enjoy the psychology of it all. Shame on both of them...but his dad deserves condemnation in particular. There's no way America will EVER embrace that stupid Hitler junk--especially my generation. Our fathers fought in WWII to defeat that bastard. Hitler disdained Christianity and warred with Russia (Soviet Union), and yet Anglin admires Putin. It all makes no sense, but trolls care little about logic and reason. They merely want to stir up hate. Again, it's just trolling and that's all. Anglin is not smart enough for anything else.

End of story. --Ben Garrison

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Know your meme dot com just published an interview and I hope it clears the cigar-smokey air a bit more. --Ben

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Winning Entry

I think editorial cartoon contests are a great idea. They encourage young people to think about issues and it gives them a venue to display their artistic talent.

Heck, such contests are good for 'old' people such as me, too!

The winning entry: I am supporting Rand Paul here. Yes, I have trepidations and doubts. I like his father much more. I was extremely disappointed when Rand did not endorse his own father, but instead supported Romney.

That said, he still claims he's out to audit the Fed and he's also against the Patriot Act, the NSA and so forth. We'll see if he can carry his father's torch of liberty.

--Ben Garrison

Thursday, May 14, 2015

BB King - "Paying the Cost to be the Boss"

RIP, BB! He epitomized blues music.

Trolling the Clueless Anchors


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

This is an excellent video that clearly explains how the world is run by, essentially, ultra rich and powerful gangsters. If you were skeptical that Kennedy was not killed in a coup, this video will convince you. Kennedy was one of our last, 'real' presidents.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Three Branches of Government

This is a cartoon I drew nearly six years ago, but what shows up on Google searches first is the defaced version--defaced by Internet trolls, that is. So here is the original again to help give it some traction.

Hillary Clinton said the CFR was her 'Mothership,' and she answers to them, not to the people. She's incompetent, a cynical liar and corrupt to the marrow...which means she'll probably stand a good chance of becoming president.

I do not draw anti-Semitic or racist cartoons. End of story. But if you want to know more about the story, please check out my new ebook.

--Ben Garrison

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My ebook is on Amazon

Rogue Cartoonist, the ebook!

No, I'm not just blowing smoke! My ebook is now available on Amazon. It's still pricer than I would have liked, but it's 1/3 the cost of my printed book. Since it has a great many images, the file size is on the large side, and so Amazon charged more than it would, say, for an unillustrated standard novel. 

Thanks to everyone who has given me and Tina their support--and for those of you who already bought my printed book, I arranged for the ebook version to be available to you for only a couple of bucks. The book is also in the Kindle Unlimited Library where it can be read for free if you are a subscriber.

It has been quite a learning journey for me. I learned that writing a book is much harder than I had imagined and my respect for real writers increased immensely. I'm also a horrible editor and I couldn't spot a typo if it hit me over the head with a 2x4, but I did fix them for the ebook. Those who have read my book have commented that they found it very interesting. 

By the way, I'm out of promotional copies of the printed book for now. I have a few in reserve that I’ll send out to publishers, but I realize attracting a big-name publisher is a long shot. Heck, they all want literary agents nowadays and only 3 percent of the submissions on average get accepted.

I did snail-mail out 70 free signed copies to anyone who wrote me a polite email. I sent free copies out to people all over the United States as well as copies to other countries such as Mexico, England and even a few were sent to Australia. Those books will be 'rare' since I don't plan on printing any more unless I can find a publisher. They were very expensive to print on my own.

Ben Garrison


I received a lot of requests for an image I drew last year--the CEO of Troll, Inc. I cleaned it up in Adobe Illustrator and made it presentable for printing.

Thanks very much to everyone who bought the other stuff!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Cuck a Duck

People have asked me if I've lost my mind. Perhaps, but it has been fun. This particular drawing helps make amends for years of 4chan's personal attacks on me--all allowed by Luggage Lad himself.

Someone on 8chan suggested the idea for this--and I thank the anon for his idea because it was fun to draw.

There will be more!

My ebook has been formatted into various formats and I will publish the ebook next week. I've added in more cartoons and an updated epilogue. I lost to the Internet Hate Machine, but as Rhett Butler said in 'Gone With the Wind,'...maybe it's because I've always had a weakness for lost causes...that's what keeps me going.

Unlike 4chan (Mr. "m00t" had me banned), the folks at 8chan have been encouraging and they've even suggested cartoon ideas. I'm all ears.

Don't ask me to explain this cartoon. The anons on 4chan will know what it means. BTFO! LOL

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

My ebook will be released soon

I've gone for months without any commercial art assignments, but lately I have been lucky enough to have several going on at once. So I've been busy and that's good. I need to make a living.

I've also received some very nice responses about my printed book and I greatly appreciate that, especially since I'm not a writer (and I'm a terrible editor). I have mailed out approximately 70 books for free to those who sent me a polite email asking about them. I've also sent out many to friends and family. I'm just about all out of my promotional copies. To all of you who have written me with encouragement, I appreciate your sentiments very much and I'd much rather pay postage on the books than give money to lawyers. That said, I'd like to bring some of the worst offenders to justice, but that may take a while still.

I will definitely get the book uploaded to Amazon sometime next week. It will be a lot cheaper than the printed book, and it will also contain updates and more cartoons. I'm sorry to say I won't be able to autograph any of those copies.

The book was cathartic and it marks a turning point in my attitude. I no longer worry about the attacks and I've become so calloused that sometimes I even find myself laughing. The entire 'Zyklon Ben' meme has officially jumped the shark and now the trolls are starting to realize I'm 'untouchable.' In fact, I got a chuckle out of seeing this peculiar painting--done by a young artist who is also using my name on Google:

He actually took the time and energy to paint my portrait. Sure, I don't like the swastika and it's silly, but I smiled regardless. This only illustrates just how far and ridiculous the entire meme has gotten and now that it's impossible for me to be angry about it...well, it surely signals an end point to the trolling.

I like how the artist captured my expression here. People have remarked that my expression is always the same. They may have a point!

It's been quite a journey and I've learned a lot about trolls, memes and even a little about anime. Someone sent me a very interesting explanation about Bitcoin and I confess I've never been able to figure out exactly how that works. He explained it clearly and succinctly. I now wish I had mentioned it in my book. Five years ago I was naive and ignorant about the chan boards and those who posted on them, but I've discovered that there are many good people there. (Of course, many are very obnoxious, too). My ebook alludes to this in the epilogue.

Writing is very difficult. Writers hone their craft by daily practice and through years of learning and dedication. To become a good writer, one most possess a complete and resolute devotion--similar to musicians who spend a lifetime improving their skill. I don't have that kind of time and I'd rather produce art with what time remains. My attempt at writing a book instilled within me renewed admiration for good writers. It's very hard work. It's more difficult than I had ever imagined, but at least I can say I did it and now I can move on.

Thanks to everyone who bought the funny coffee mugs recently, and when I get the time I plan on doing a few more. The operator of 8chan is a tough guy who can take the flak and if he can, then so can I. I especially want to thank Tina who has been helping me monitor things while I've been busy cranking out the commercial art. 

More soon! --Ben Garrison

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Animé, Pepé, etc

Part of the experience of observing the 'chan' boards was seeing a lot of anime. I will readily admit I don't understand why there's so much of it about or even what a lot of it means, but I have seen many examples that were extremely elaborate and technically amazing. Some captured very subtle colors and ethereal effects that must have taken a lot of time, effort and planning. I had a few requests to draw some myself, but it's beyond my modest abilities. Oh sure, I could copy some of it fairly accurately, but it would only be just that--something copied and derivative.

I've also learned a great deal about memes and I have a chapter on memes in my book. One featured is the 'Sad Frog' which perhaps has the largest variety of variation. It remains very popular and it shows no sign of having run its course.

I received a few requests to draw the frog, so I drew him as a self portrait!

Seriously...I don't walk around with a loaded shotgun like many of the trolls would have people believe...even though I assure you I DO have a shotgun and it IS loaded...but I keep it in a safe place. --Ben Garrison