Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day weekend and I just watched one of my favorite movies again, "The Best Years of Our Lives." I first saw it many years ago when I was in college. It's a perfect movie except for one glaring flaw:

The scene where former bombardier Captain Derry jumps over the soda fountain to punch a man when his armless friend, Homer, couldn't. He ends up knocking him out and into a glass display counter, shattering it. This was a clear case of battery, but he instead gets fired and walks out without being charged.

The man walked in and ordered a ham sandwich. Noticing Homer's missing forearms, he engages in a friendly conversation with him. He then shakes his head and proclaims it a shame that he had to make such a heroic sacrifice--"and for what?" He then went on to say America had been fighting the wrong people--and we should have let Germany and Japan take care of the 'limeys' and the 'reds.'

Captain Derry takes offense at this and asks him to leave. The man does--he wants to pay his check and leave, but Homer intercepts him, rips off the man's American flag lapel pin and and says he wishes he had his hands so he could punch him in the nose. Captain Derry promptly jumps over the counter to punch the man in the jaw.

It bothered me when I first saw it and it bothers me even more today. That man was entitled to his free speech even if it was seen as unpopular--or even offensive. The two veterans had made a courageous fight for the country and our Constitution. They had been fighting for freedom. They were fighting for the ability of people to speak their minds without fear. They could have dealt with the man's comments by offering debate or ridicule. They could have laughed him off. They could have ignored him. But no--they had to resort to physical violence to shut him up and they failed to see the sad irony of their actions.

Everyone is entitled to free speech without fear of losing their means of making a living. People should be able to speak their mind without fear of a brick upside the head or other kinds of physical violence. Sadly, what I saw in the movie is now similar to the behavior exhibited by the SJWs--the Social Justice Warriors. If they come across opinions with which they object, they start getting angry just like Homer did. They threaten violence. They do not want to engage in debate--they want to silence people.

Yes, I too wanted to sock people in the jaw not too long ago. Trolls were defaming me, distorting my work into racist hate and generally trying to prevent me from getting work. Libel is actionable and not free speech. It's not free speech when someone creates a doppelgänger to defame someone. That is, stealing someone's name, their face, and defacing copyrighted work in order to ruin a reputation with the intent of preventing their victim from getting work. It's a crime to do that, even though it's a very difficult crime to prosecute.

I no longer want to hit anyone and I no longer care what anyone says about me. With some hard work and help from my wife, I've reclaimed my own voice. I also gave up the fear and anger. The trolls have sensed their defeat and have given up. It's about time. Sure, I still get hate mail, but that's their freedom of speech and their silly name calling does not make much of an argument.

--Ben Garrison

Larry Elder and Dave Rubin: Conservatives, Black Lives Matter, Racism (F...

Trump should name this man as his vice president.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Alex Jones show today

I was on the Alex Jones show today and I had a lot more to say, but of course there were time constraints. One thing I couldn’t make clear (time was running out) is that it is the SJWs who are engaging in hate speech. NOT us. 

When the SJWs shout us down, make death threats, call us insulting names and also try to destroy our livelihoods…well, that’s the epitome of hate—and hate speech.

Also, someone reminded me of a blog post I published last year after Alex’s divorce. I was angry and upset that he was a multi-millionaire as well as other things…but I removed the post when I calmed down and realized it was really none of my business. To be sure, it’s a let down when we realize our heroes are human beings with flaws.

But never admit flaws to the SJWs and NEVER apologize to them. If you do, be prepared to apologize for the rest of your life. There’s never a need for you to apologize for hurting someone’s feelings. That’s a by-product of free speech!

—Ben Garrison

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stefan Molyneux Cartoon

I often listen to Stefan, so I had a good time drawing this cartoon. If you haven't listened to him on his YouTube videos, I recommend them and if you find them worthwhile, you may want to send him a few bucks. He earns his donations.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Anonymous Exposes Hillary Clinton's Lies!

Everyone should watch this one...a good job of exposing this corrupt, lying criminal war-mongering witch.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Make the First Lady Great Again: Ben Garrison Attacked By Clueless Liberal Media

This young man summed it up fairly well and accurately except for a couple of things. I never heard of A. Wyatt Mann when I drew those cartoons he said were similar. For example, "The Shrine of the Statists" was inspired by an episode of 'Star Trek' titled "The Apple" in which natives fed the big serpent cave/statue/computer thing named 'Vol.'
The natives ritually fed Vol, and he took care of them. "It is Vol who made it rain and put fruit on the trees," they said. Kirk told them they could live for themselves without Vol--which to me represented big government and Captain Kirk was a libertarian. As for the train one...well that's a common metaphor. Every cartoonist draws trains eventually. The mosquito one was just a coincidence.

As for the Michelle're right. it wasn't racist. Michelle is a public figure living a lavish lifestyle on the public dime. She doesn't deserve immunity from caricature and ridicule. The meme of her being a tranny? Well...isn't that in vogue right now? Shouldn't that be applauded? Seriously, though...she forced a Vol-like nanny state system of school lunches onto kids who threw most of it away. Kids are fat? That's the parent's job to deal with that--not the gubmint's. Of course, parents were also banned from giving them sack lunches and even in some instances, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were called 'racist.'

All cartoonists exaggerate physical characteristics and in Michelle's case--she's built like a linebacker. I know it's not her fault what she looks like, but that's not the point. Her deeds and arrogance made her a fair target and she's making policy while being unelected. She's not a queen or someone immune from criticism just because she's the FLOTUS. Is the cartoon sexist? Maybe. That's in the eye of the beholder. Men are told these days that they must appreciate the female body in all of its various types and forms, or otherwise we're being hateful or misogynist or sexist or something. Sorry...but men aren't wired that way and we can't change our DNA any more than a male trans person can convince every cell in his body that there isn't a Y chromosome inside. Should we hate such people? Of course not. But women shouldn't hate us because we may prefer one female body type over another. I'm a libertarian and so I don't care who wants to be what or who wants to be married to whom. It's not my business or the state's business. I just don't want to be harassed and scolded into applauding those things that are none of my business. Look at how the liberal cartoonists and lefties in the MSM went after Trump. He was portrayed as Hitler, a racist, an orangutan, micro penis...blah blah blah. Melania was also viciously attacked and smeared. No problem, though...because those attacks align with the liberal playbook. It's all fair game! Those are funny! C'mon...cantcha take a little joke? But when a conservative cartoonist does the same thing--watch out! Then it's time to burn me at the stake! I was called a 'spewer of evil,' a racist, a Nazi, a misogynist, an short, all those bad words that end in 'ist.' I've received death threats, people are praying to God that I soon die...on and on. Over a cartoon. Why? Because feelings were hurt! I think the cartoon may have actually brought some joy to the commissars of correctness because they get off by experiencing shrill outrage. It gives them a chance to strut their moral superiority. At the same time, these very same people will probably be voting for the amoral, evil incarnate, lying, criminal slime that is Hillary Clinton. To be sure, I've become jaded by my 6 year ordeal involving libel, defamation and copyright infringement against me. I've reached a point where I just don't care and I'm almost sorry to tell all the people who have sent me all that hate mail: wasted your time. It just doesn't bother me very much. I've become too weary and calloused to care. --Ben Garrison

A Note from an Old Codger

I came across this today--Google has made me an 80 year-old man. Well, that's what can happen when you're called 'racist' a thousand times and showered with 100s of death wishes.

They also completely missed the place where I was born. I've never even been to North Carolina. They probably got that from what they thought was a very accurate source, "Encyclopedia Dramatica.'

Google is not God and they blindly report what's out there. They get a lot of stuff in this fabricated bio. There's a lot of garbage floating around out there that is completely ridiculous. For example, a photo of my face pasted onto a Nazi uniform--thanks to a troll. It comes up first. said they could remove that one image, but it would cost me $8,000. No thanks. I guess I'll have to endure it along with all the hate mail.

I also noticed a lot of media are now playing the 'Ain't it awful!' game. That is--publishing stories about my horribleness without even giving me a chance to respond. That's what passes for journalism nowadays. They judge, convict and execute without so much as an email query to get the rest of the story. But who cares--it's all about 'feelings' now. Objective reporting is no longer necessary.

They know that non-PC outrages attract readers so they can enjoy feeling morally superior as they hector, scold and verbally burn at the stake someone who dared to not be 'politically correct.'

--Ben Garrison

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

What Hate Mail Looks Like

Because I drew the FLOTUS in a less than flattering light, I was accused of hating ALL black women...then all women...and all blacks...and eventually I was accused of hating the USA. One offended person told me I was an 'insect.' Another told me I was the 'anti-Christ.'

You make my stomach turn - I would be very concern about my business if I were you - I hope you have a back up plan - You will be out of business by 2017 - Good bye you Bigoted asshole - I hope you lose every single thing you have - you are a horrible person and a bigot and I hope you get what ever it is that you deserve -

This is what SJWs do. If you're politically incorrect they go after your means of making a living. They want to destroy.

I drew a cartoon that was less than complimentary toward the First Lady. Let's get a few things straight: It wasn't racist. It was a humorous poke at a public figure. Liberals have praised her for her muscular figure and her 'super ripped arms.' Some, like Joan Rivers, have suggested she was a man. Well, trannies are in vogue right now, right? So what's the problem?

Michelle Obama is supported by taxpayer dollars and shares lavish vacations with her husband--all on the public dime. She forced a disastrous lunch program on the nation's students. Now many are unable to even bring their own lunches. A sack lunch with a peanut butter sandwich and an apple were staples in my day. Now kids are forced to eat what the gubmint tells them--and forces parents to pay for it.

It was also a test of sorts. I've frequently been called racist for drawing cartoons featuring Obama. When someone who is not liberal draws African Americans--look out. That's not allowed. Well, it needs to be allowed because they're public figures and collect large salaries from taxpayers. I've been told my cartoons are 'hateful' and 'unhelpful' as well as the expected "I hate your guts why don't you go kill yourself" fare. Too many Americans are now being silenced by social justice warriors (SJWs) and politically correct scolds who derive weird emotional satisfaction by strutting what they think is their 'moral superiority.' This kind of behavior is on the increase and it is stifling free speech to such a degree that even comedians don't feel comfortable making jokes on college campuses.

Even the 'Daily Mail' jumped on the bandwagon and posted a story about me to generate anti-Trump outrage. They didn't even bother to contact me for a comment.

I've seen very many outrageous cartoons drawn by liberal cartoonists that were critical of Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and even Dr. Ben Carson. Some were overtly racist, but those cartoonists receive a pass. Why? Because they're progressive/liberal artists. Take a look at what my old friend Steve Greenberg drew (which was actually fairly clever and funny):

What do you think would happen if a conservative drew a cartoon featuring a liberal African American without a brain?

OK, I didn't like Bush, but was it fair to show him as a monkey? What if a conservative did this to Obama?

Go ahead and see for yourself. Do a google search 'Ben Carson cartoon' and see what white liberal cartoonists did to this honorable man in the name of humor. But if a conservative cartoonist dares criticize a 'person of color?' Watch out! This is political correctness in action.

Nearly everything written or said these days can 'trigger' someone and throw them into a self-righteous rage. They are the most delicate of hothouses flowers. Maybe my cartoon will help toughen them up a bit. Unlike Bill Maher's show, "Politically Incorrect," my cartoon really WAS 'incorrect' whereas his program is, in actuality, mostly filled with political correctness. (He does rail against radical Islam which is refreshing). Maher routinely calls Trump an orangutan and says he has a 'micro penis.' Can you imagine a conservative talk show host saying similar things about a black politician? He'd be off the air in a heartbeat.

The outrage over one silly cartoon will soon blow over. It will be replaced by some new outrage and the SJW crowd will again go on the warpath. Hmmm...I guess 'warpath' is a politically incorrect word to use. Too frickin' bad! If you SJWs don't like it, you can go to your safe spaces.

Here's just a small smattering of the hate mail I received:

The fact that you think that foreign trash i.e. Melania Trump who is sprawled across the internet naked is better than Michelle Obama speaks volumes. It shows how ignorant you dumb ass is. It also shows just how racist you are. That THOT isn't in the same class as the first lady who is Harvard educated. Where is your degree from .....White Trash University I suppose.

(Angelo State University, 1979. Just before graduation, a friend of mine and I had our artwork featured at the school's gallery. He happened be African American and he was a terrific artist--a lot better than me.)

The "cartoon" comparing Michelle and melanoma
was vile! May your racist ass rot on hell!!

You're a racist piece of shit.

Your mother was a prostitute who popped out a bastard son. Stay in Montana with the rest of the dirty hicks who know nothing about the world.

Go ta' hell.

(Nice Irish accent there, Tom.)

Your comic of Michelle Obama is a horseshit, tasteless perpetuation of hatred & stereotyping of black women in America.

Also, the caricature artwork is boring/bland at best.

(She gets bonus points for being a perceptive art critic.)

Your cartoons are trashy and highly distasteful. The manner in which you drew Michelle Obama not only enforces stereotypes regarding black women but is just down right racist. Melania has numerous nude photos on internet FYI and wasn't even born in the USA. But because of the color of her skin and her socially-acceptable "feminine" physique, she's going to make the First Lady "Great Again." Give me a break. Michelle has numerous degrees and no nude photos floating around. MICHELLE is AMERICAN. And SHE is the kind of First Lady I want my kids and students to look up to. Stop being so superficial and judging women solely on their physical attributes. YOU are what's wrong with America!

(Nothing wrong with freedom of speech).

Please please kill yourself

I received a lot of mail that couldn't be answered--they hide behind anonymity. These are the hit and run types.

danny Kroger


I served in the core [sic] for 13 years and normally keep to myself but seeing your idiotic ignorant drawings.. made me feel ashamed I served to protect fools like yourself. your "art" is garbage and so are your "political" believes. Save us from your ignorance and rid yourself of this planet before any more of my brothers die trying to protect fools like yourself.

Danny, my dad fought in WWII and was in many battles. He and his generation fought and died to protect free speech--and that includes speech that may be offensive and unpopular. You need to protect that, too. It's your free speech to tell me my art is garbage and that I should die, but bear in mind that the combat boot may be on the other foot some day and it might be you who needs your free speech protected....OH...I guess you already are protected because you just sent me a 'tough guy' email under the safety blanket of anonymity. Real balls, there.

P.S. It's time for you to grow a pair and toughen up. Now drop and give me 20 for spelling it as 'core' and not 'corps!'


Bwa, ha, ha, ha this is what you call art? It's no wonder you can't get published in any credible publication or news site, not even Fox News LOLOL! So you guys have to resort to displaying your work on social media.. LOLOL! Social media is for the truly untalented. I just wanted to thank you guys for giving me a laugh with that Michelle Obama Vs. Melania Trump cartoon. Comparing a Harvard educated, beautiful BLACK attorney to a Slovenian gold digging slut was the biggest laugh of the day. Speaking of days, at the end of this one, Hillary will still be the bipartisan favorite to win this upcoming election, and our current SUCCESSFUL President of two terms will still be a BLACK man.. :-) Have a great day guys, and keep up the good work!

I don't consider this one hate mail because she didn't hurl a single curse word my way. I like her sarcastic style and I tip my hat to this critic.


I don't even know who or what you are Garrison. I know more about you now though. You are what the Bible refers to as the Anti-Christ. To depict our beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama, as a man, and an ugly man at that, has earned you some time in hell, you bastard. I'd love to meet you so I could put a bullet right through your vacant skull, you piece of slimy shit. My God in Heaven will punish you for this because every night I will get down on my knees and ask Him for justice for the pain you have caused Mrs. Obama and thousands of other people who love her as well. For your info, God ALWAYS answers my prayers! So good luck.



I found your recent anti-obama / pro-trump cartoon to be in poor taste and I hope you will remove it from your website. I believe that first ladies should be evaluated for their character and that strong women should not be degraded for their appearance.

That said, I totally get that you are a misogynist bigot and don't expect you to change your ways.


No, Jake. It's my free speech and I won't be removing anything. 

Cheers yourself.

I'm sure you'll use this email hit to exploit that your cartoons get traffic, hence you'll make money off this somehow or another. I have no problem with you taking cheap shots at political figures, they kind of deserve it. I do however think it's in poor taste for you to portray our cerebral First Lady as a Neanderthal and somehow Trumps 3rd or is it 4th skank wife is going to bring class back to the White House. You might want to double check who your target audience is because most every single person I know has nothing bad to say about our current First Lady but they all think Trumps current wife is a ridiculous twat. And what makes you think she can survive a presidency without having being replaced by a new First Lady? Your crap is low brow. Class it up.

Ha ha...I'm not making much money on anything. I'm scraping by like 60 percent of Americans are. My Patreon supporters have saved my bacon because the cartoons have hurt my commercial art career and Internet trolls made sure I was kicked out of my art gallery.

The FLOTUS is a legit target for a cartoon. She leads a lavish lifestyle and takes mega-vacations on the taxpayer dime while the rest of us are struggling to make rent. She hated America until her hubbie was elected. Her nanny state lunch program was a disaster and she has promoted racial division.

Many cartoonists draw safe, politically correct (i.e. liberal) cartoons unless they are attacking conservatives. I urge you to see what they did to black conservatives such as Condaleezza Rizce, Dr. Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas. They all but call them the 'N' word in pictorial form. Yet I am burned at the stake for daring to draw a politically correct cartoon and I don't adhere to the leftist agenda.

But that's free speech--sometimes it's distasteful, offensive and annoying. Regardless, it must be everyone has a say and the freedom to say it.

I just viewed the Ben Garrison satirical cartoon depicting Michelle Obama as a pumped up angry black woman pitted against the shapely and beautiful Melania Trump. I am horrified by the message this cartoon displays. I am a mild mannered pediatric white female nurse in my 60's who generally ignores responding to articles or political satire. But this hurts me and the children of this nation to the core. Shame on you Ben Garrison for displaying a strong, confident and highly educated woman with a voice in such an ugly light. I may not agree with all of Michelle Obama's positions but I applaud her strong intellect and voice that speaks from a credible knowledge base. I am so tired of people comparing women to each other based on their physical appearance as your cartoon does. Can you degrade us anymore? This hurts our children and tells young women they are nothing more than their physical appearance. It sends the same message to young men and this filters into our society in a manner that allows and promotes the subservience of women and reinforces inaccurate stereotypes. Please stop hurting our children. This is ugly and hateful and I would suggest you examine your own heart and head before you use your platform to hurt others.

If you really cared about 'the children', you'd join me and protest her nanny-state program of school lunches. She, along with her completely corrupt and fraud of a husband, are pushing GMO foods on the kid and nation. Yep, Obama is big friends with Monsanto, despite Michelle's organic garden. Michelle is smart? Michelle is privileged--she got into Princeton with mediocre grades...she got in because she's a legacy. Now she's an un-elected official pushing unappetizing and expensive lunches that are under-nourishing kids and, of course the parents must pay for them.

I drew her as she is--a muscular, petulant, angry human being--regardless of her color. She hates America and sees racism everywhere. She's the one who is an ugly and hateful race baiter who is hurting the children. Oh--and her own husband called her "Michelle" several times while she was proclaiming herself a 'single mother.' Something is not right! --Ben Garrison

Another one...

On 5/23/16 7:05 AM, wrote:
"...But this hurts me and the children of this nation to the core."

It may have hurt your feelings, but it had nothing to do with you or the 'children.' Michelle hurts children because she wants to force feed school kids GMO foods (her hubby strongly supports Monsanto. The portions she's delivering to kids are small and unappetizing. Many go hungry. Kids are fat? That's the parents' job to handle--not the state's. We don't need Big Government telling us what we can and cannot eat.

"Shame on you Ben Garrison for displaying a strong, confident and highly educated woman with a voice in such an ugly light."

It's called 'satire.' Editorial cartoons aren't meant to be nice and uplifting.

 "I am so tired of people comparing women to each other based on their physical appearance as your cartoon does. Can you degrade us anymore?"
Not degrading you or woman in general. It's specifically about two people in the public limelight. It's called 'caricature.'

"This hurts our children and tells young women they are nothing more than their physical appearance."
Again with the children. There is nothing in the cartoon that hurts children. It doesn't hurt young women. It's about two separate individuals.

"It sends the same message to young men and this filters into our society in a manner that allows and promotes the subservience of women and reinforces inaccurate stereotypes. Please stop hurting our children."
I'm not hurting children. You have no argument there. Again, the cartoon is about two people, not ALL women and I'm not reinforcing anything. Michelle has mannish features including large shoulders. Liberals praise her 'ripped,' athletic appearance. Obama has called her "Michael" during speeches. The tranny issue is an Internet meme that perhaps began with Joan Rivers' statements. Obama is pushing transexual issues in public schools. Michelle is a public figure living a lavish lifestyle on the taxpayers' dime while she pushes programs that further her nanny-state goals with haughtiness and arrogance. THEY are the ones hurting our children. She can't even smile or wave when getting off Air Force One. She once stated she was never proud of her country until her husband was elected. She once claimed to be a 'single mom.' She claims to see racism everywhere along with her husband. They have not made race relations better--they have made them worse. Obama is a fraud, a liar and puppet of the globalist oligarchy.

"This is ugly and hateful and I would suggest you examine your own heart and head before you use your platform to hurt others." 
There's something in this country called FREE SPEECH and that includes satire, which is at its core, mean. It's aimed at corrupt people in power. Use it or lose it. I'm using it. The only thing that needs examining in this country is the Constitution. More people need to read it.


Mailbag Sampler


This isn't hate mail, I can't hate someone I do not know. On the other hand, I congratulate you if you have profited on the foul images you have created. I do not know how well you understand politics, but you seem to know enough since you follow the money making bandwagon created in the name of arrogance. I would just like to remind you that you're spreading the message that is created by a man who was born rich. So he might not have known about hard work. If you say he has worked hard, well it is hard to mess up a "small loan" of a million dollars. I do agree with some images, Mrs. Clinton is fake. I just want to let this out to confirm that you, and Mr. Trump are menacing the constitution. Well, if you are Caucasian, I will not call you racist(correct term is prejudice anyways ), only you can declare that. However, you fit the profile, and I hope you have a change of heart.


It's not about racism, but rather the fact that Trump is challenging the corrupt oligarchy that controls the country. That's why he's been so viciously attacked...because even though he's rich, he's not part of their 'club.' I certainly don't agree with a lot of his positions, but he did say he wanted to audit the Federal Reserve and that's of paramount importance. This is the reason I draw pro-Trump cartoons and I've taken a lot of flak for it.

I've been called a 'racist' a million times. It's fear-based word used by the politically correct crowd to stamp out free speech. Trump is not afraid to be called names and neither am I. I know I'm not a racist and Trump isn't why react when we get called that?

Thanks for your email.



You forget that the Republican Party was comprised of races other than just White. I saw your drawing of Michelle Obama. This is the last straw. I'm a black woman. Drawing us as men, monkeys or whatever flavor of racism this week just makes sure fewer people will support conservatives. I'm going to put all my efforts behind Hillary. Good job, racist idiot.

-not in the Whites only party


People often imagine all sorts of stuff when looking at a cartoon. Yes, I dared to draw something that's definitely NOT 'politically correct,' but it's not about race. This is my right and my free speech and I'm taking the flak for it. I didn't know I had the power to make people vote for the arch criminal, Hillary Clinton.


I support Donald Trump. However, your caricature of Michelle Obama is disgusting, demeaning, and called-for; even as political "humor" or parody. You have zero class and even less judgment.

I think you meant 'UN-called for,' but I get your point. That said, it's necessary at times to draw things that are in bad taste and offensive just to remind people that it's part of something called FREE SPEECH. It's your free speech to tell me I have zero class. I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with are people who are silenced because they are terrified of saying something 'offensive.'

Your cartoon of Michelle Obama as an emasculated woman is disgusting and you should feel ashamed of yourself. I hope you can never become a full time cartoonist, because you're truly awful at it, as well as an awful person.

See answer above. ('Emasculated?' Good word, but maybe not applicable here).

Liberals seem to love Michelle's masculine physique:

Apparently, they just don't like it when conservatives mention her masculine physique.

If she really is a transvestite, that makes her even more cool and trendy...doesn't it?


Only an uniformed twit who napped through 2009, would dare to make Michelle Obama look masculine after all of the crap she got from the media about daring to show her arms in a sleeveless black designer Michael Kors dress for her official White House portrait in 2009. Remembering of course that Michael Kors is one of the judges on "Project Runway". There was no end of comments on Michelle Obama's "right to bear arms' since no other First Lady had ever dared to 'cross that obviously implied fashion line'. Not only did Michelle Obama dare to cross that line, but she dared to don inexpensive ready-to-wear off-the-rack frocks with expensive designer shoes and accessories. Oh, the horror, as some fashion police were trying to figure out how to feel about it - let alone write articles on it that would have normal women scrambling to those stores to buy them out of those items seen on the First Lady in public! OMG! Is that where Princess Kate is getting her ideas of buying off-the-rack clothing from stores like Top Shop? Did First Lady Michelle Obama adversely impact one of Great Britain's Royal family as to have her not always donning designer fashions made solely for her like Queen Elizabeth has paraded around in forever with her matching hats? After that sleeveless portrait, women around the nation were exercising when Mrs. Obama started promoting her "Let's Move" exercise program for kids, women did it too. Even Oprah, because women wanted arms like Michelle Obama. Trump's wife always looks pissed off. I don't know if it's due to her physical appearance or too much raccoon eye makeup on her squinting little eyes. She always looks like she has a bad case of road rage or hates everyone who isn't her. She has a waif's body with skinny stick arms. When I saw Melania Trump in a photography with her baby in a carriage, she was in a room that looked like Aladdin's treasure cave had vomited gold all over it. If you are going to compare Michelle with Melania - just remember who helped those that work in the retail sector get more business to hire more workers, vs one who posed stark naked on an expensive fur coat with outrageously expensive diamond jewelry that no normal guy could ever afford to buy for his girlfriend or wife. Last time I looked, rebels usually accused the wealthy elite of tyranny, not those who donned and promoted inexpensive frocks and planted vegetable gardens. Stop drinking Trump's kool aid and get a clue.

Answer: I like being called a 'twit.' A refreshing change from some of the things I've been called.
Comment: It's hard to see that you think athletic women are unattractive. Get real.
Answer: Yes, beauty is in the eye of beholder!
I've been seeing your cartoons pop up all over the place in recent months and I just discovered your Patreon. I hope my pledge contributes to making it worthwhile for you to continue this kind of work - it's greatly appreciated by your fans.

Your willingness to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the MSM and those that they prop up, combined with your artistic talent, is a real asset. Humour and satire is a great medium to ultimately communicate nuggets of truth to the masses.

Thank you very much for your support. I am going against the grain and raising the hackles of a lot of PC people out there. I've drawn a lot of things that have outraged people--including my cartoonist peers who mostly draw liberal and statist things. They have called me 'disturbing,' 'scary' and 'dangerous!'
If we keep bowing down to the SJWs and PC crowd and their 'micro-agressions' and censorship...well, free speech will be hurt further. Too many people are afraid to 'offend' people. If they say the 'wrong' thing, their reputations and jobs could be endangered. Since my reputation is already smeared, I figure I'm the one to draw the cartoons that upset the PC apple cart.
Thank you!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Open Letter to an SJW


I understand you are entitled to your opinions because we all live in the United States. However, you do not live the consquences of your cartoons. They are spreading hate. I understand you may not like other people who are different because this society is made for you to progress further any women [sic] or any group of people of color. People in your position (white men) see these cartoon and thinks its okay to spread hate. Please stop spreading the hate. Especially your cartoon comparing Michele Obama vs. Mrs. Trump. Please also see this video to tell you why I find your cartoon so offensive.

My response:

I've been called a racist, a mass murderer, a Nazi, a white supremacist, an anti-Semite, a short, every name in the book. Nearly every single cartoon I've ever drawn has been defaced into racist and anti-Semitic hate. They take no responsibility for their libel. I'm the one who is forced to deal with it. So don't hector me about taking responsibility. If people want to get all worked up and offended by humor, it's their prerogative. I do take responsibility--I sign my own name to the damn things. The anon cartoonist known as A. Wyatt Mann has been revealed to be Nick Bougas. He never took responsibility for his hateful cartoons. Instead, they pasted his work over mine and I had to take the flak. Accusing me of not taking responsibility is the acme of silliness.

Nazi twerps photoshopped me into a Nazi uniform to ruin my reputation. Nobody cares--certainly not lawyers. I've been insulted, maligned and impugned for over 6 years and my career has been hurt by trolls seeking 'revenge.' My wife and kid have been attacked too, and they had nothing to do with it. Last year I had to leave the art gallery I was in due to cruel lies told to the owner. Almost nobody cared when such hate was spread about me. It's impossible for you to make me 'feel bad' about anything.

"Progress further." What does that even mean? I'm fed up and struggling like nearly all Americans--thanks to our corrupt and dysfunctional system of money. The economy remains in shambles. Obama lied to everyone and is no better than Bush...they both carried out the bidding of the central banker masters.

Michelle and Obama are public figures and subject to ridicule. It's well-deserved. It's a cartoon meant to prompt humor. Many SJWs can't seem to laugh anything off!

I've seen terrible, disgusting cartoons drawn about Trump. I don't like them. Tough beans. That's free speech. If you want me burned at the stake for expressing my own free speech, well...I live in Lakeside Montana. Come and get me.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beware of Facebook

Here are a couple of good links regarding Facebook and their ties to the NSA.


I have been a target of Zuckerberg's unfair moderation practices. An endless stream of doppelgänger pages have been set up on FB over the years to defame and libel me, yet FB refuses to take them down without a lot of paperwork and legal threats--even though those pages also clearly violate FB's stated community standards. Some of those pages used my name and face to cry out for the mass murder of minorities and Jewish people and yet FB would repeatedly inform me that nope--those pages did not violate their standards. That's because they love to see libertarians and conservatives get trashed.

At the same time, I was banned for a period of time simply because I drew an anti-SJW cartoon. They informed me that it violated their standards when in fact, it was perfectly legit free speech.

The young, smug, pencil-necked twerp known as Zuckerberg has billions of dollars and the means to allow all political expression as long as those community standards are not violated--but no. FB is aligned with the criminal globalist elite running the show. Also, FB pays no corporate taxes at all--they get a pass since they are part of despotic oligarchy bent on tightening the electronic surveillance net over all Americans.

Use Facebook at your own peril and never disclose any info that you don't want the NSA to have.

--Ben Garrison

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Just Throwing This Out There...

The Earth should be much larger when seen from the moon, NASA.

The Earth would dominate when viewed from the moon, but NASA always shows it tiny--about the size of the moon as seen from Earth.

Slam Dunk

Now it's time for Trump to take on the arch criminal grifter, Hillary Clinton.