Friday, September 30, 2016

Obama Gives Away the Internet:

Obama is handing over the Internet to the UN. Yeah, I know it’s only the Internet ‘address book,’ and they say nobody will even notice the change--but it’s only the first step. If this wasn’t important, Obama wouldn’t be giving it away. Globalist traitors such as Obama do things in increments. That’s how they slowly boil the citizen frogs—unless it’s a meme frog such as Pepe. They tossed him into the rolling hot water right away. As soon as he was listed on the ADL as offensive, newspaper articles around the world began publishing pages explaining how dangerous he is. It’s both outrageous and ridiculous, but it’s also ominous. This is how free speech dies.

The Internet has flourished under US control. Aided by our First Amendment, the Internet has enabled us to find truth to counter the incessant propaganda narratives being spewed by the completely non-objective mainstream media. The US developed the Internet. We paid for it. Why give it away? 

It’s being turned over because they know too many people are holding the ruling elite in contempt. Most people despise Hillary Clinton. It’s not as easy to hypnotize us with their lies when we can find real facts on the Internet. We know the elite for what they are—criminal globalists who want more and more power over all of us. They want to control the dialogue and our minds. They want to keep us hypnotized. They want to censor, er, ‘edit’ the Internet. Hillary once said the Internet needed an editor. Hillary is a lying control freak—we all know that. She had her own private server so she could control her pay-for-play operation as well as destroy evidence of her traitorous criminality. Hillary wants to delete free speech. She’s already begun doing it by pronouncing a cartoon frog as ‘racist.’ 

Gun control started by registering guns. Then permits and waiting periods were needed. Then certain types of guns get prohibited. Then outright confiscation for reasons dictated by the ‘authorities.’ This is the same game plan they’re running with the Internet. Small steps to take freedom of speech away from us all. 

We must not let this happen.

Ben Garrison

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hillary Bans Pepe The Frog:

Hillary was annoyed by a cartoon frog and so she has had him banned. 

We had been selling coffee mugs using a service called ‘Zazzle.’ I drew a cigar-smoking Pepé frog with the words, “Welcome to Montana.” We made small amount from each mug sold. Tina handles most of the marketing and sales and informed me that the coffee mug was canceled. Here’s the message she received:

How could an innocuous cartoon frog violate their content guideline? Because Pepé was just listed as a ‘hate symbol’ by the Anti-Defamation League. Apparently, Hillary and the left get to decide what is ‘hateful’ and what is not. This is how tyranny gets established. We know Hillary is a control freak. She wants everything rigged, choreographed and planned. In her favor, of course. She’s a Stalin-like sociopath who wants to edit the Internet. She wants to control the dialogue and free speech. Her ownership of the mainstream media isn’t enough. She wants to control the dialogue on the Internet, too.

Since Pepé was used in conjunction with pro-Trump posts on the Web, Hillary’s feelings were hurt. Something had to be done. Feelings are paramount, after all…not facts. Trump being smeared as 'Hitler' wasn't enough. Pro-Trump memes must also be stopped in their tracks. So now Pepé is being banned and that’s that. Nobody voted on it. The people have no say. It's the ruling clique that decides.

The green frog, originally created by Matt Furie, was utilized to convey emotional states. “Feels good, man!” is how he got started. There are hundreds if not thousands of images out there featuring Pepé in various incarnations. Sure, some Nazis added a swastika armband on him, but such instances amounted to only a tiny percentage. Hillary has focused on this tiny percentage to imply that all Pepé images are hateful. Even Furie himself blames ‘fringe’ elements and Trump.

It’s all ridiculous, but also very dangerous. Hillary and her leftist ilk already control the media. They get to decide what’s a hate symbol and what’s not—not We The People. They want to decide what reality is. They run Barter Town. They tell us how it’s gonna be.

Hillary pulled a similar stunt regarding Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. It was proven to be 100 percent bogus. Facts don’t seem to matter, though. Apparently, facts are now racist, too. The left quickly smeared anyone speaking the truth as ‘birthers.’ Birthers were then held up as ‘racists.’ We saw Hillary doing her finest virtue signaling during the debate. She loudly denounced Trump as a birther and racist. It's racist to hurt Obama’s feelings!

We’ve now reached a new and contemptible low level. Our First Amendment faces great peril from these tyrants. They are setting precedents about what hate speech is and their pronouncements can’t easily be ignored even though hate speech is legal in the U.S. That doesn't matter. There are Facebook bans. Google could pull the plug, too--my blog could disappear suddenly. They've already done that to others such as Milo Yiannopoulos. He was recently banned from Twitter because someone's feelings were hurt.

Soon, one might wake up and find that PayPal has pulled their plug—they will no longer be able to use it because something they blogged was deemed hateful. Think it can’t happen? It already has. It happened to Andrew Anglin. I despise that trolling manlet, but PayPal should not have banned him simply because he was using his free speech. Increasingly Twitter is also shutting down the voices who call out the left for their police state tactics.

If we keep going in this direction—and we will if Hillary is elected—expect more Americans to lose their jobs over perceived ‘hateful’ comments and symbols. The 1st Amendment may still be there, but too many will be rendered quiescent by fear. Hillary is willing to silence others by breaking their rice bowls. Why? More money, power and control for her, of course. Yes, she’s that evil.

Ben Garrison

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cuban Style Pickles:

Mark Cuban epitomizes a rabid, front-row sitting Hillary supporter. His anti-Trump argument consists of bluster and insult. Add in a pompous attitude and self-aggrandizement and we see a swaggering billionaire just waiting to get his basketballs popped. Perhaps Cuban’s self-esteem has already lost its bounce. He’s seeing a fellow billionaire one step away from the White House. His jealousy is showing. Why else would he troll media and drop hints of becoming a vice president or even presidential candidate himself?
The corpulent ego known as Mark Cuban has now been trying to inject himself into the upcoming presidential debate. He’s secured a front row seat and he’s ready to glower at Trump.
It’s unlikely you’ll be able to distract Trump, Mr. Cuban. What you need is a real debate of your own. To make it interesting, you'll need a good opponent such as Mike Cernovich. You know him—he wrote the best-selling book, “Gorilla Mindset,” and he’s one of Hillary’s so-called ‘deplorables.’
You’ll need more than braggadocio to compete with such a man. You’ll need to summon up logic and reason—along with some courage and testosterone. Stop hiding under Hillary’s Mao coat, Mr. Cuban. Get out on the court of real debate.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Johnny Allah Seed:

Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. There’s plenty of evidence to support that statement. His stepfather was a Muslim in Indonesia, where young Barry received his Islamic religious training. He once said that the sweetest sound he knew was the Muslim call to prayer. He can speak Arabic without an accent. He’s never missed a chance to promote Islam to the American people. In once instance he claimed “Islam has always been part of America.” He probably said that because Thomas Jefferson owned a Koran. Jefferson obtained the book so that he could better understand the behavior of Muslims in order to defeat the Barbary pirates. Obama failed to mention that fact.

Obama loves Islam so much that he can't bear to say 'radical Islam.' He's planted the seeds of future terrorism by promoting an open border policy that has allowed ISIS to gain a strong foothold in America. The Excuse Maker in Chief even made a speech in which he claimed he'd never say the words 'radical Islam.’ His head is firmly planted in the Saudi sand.

If Hillary is elected she'll continue Obama's policies. She wants to bring in even more Muslim refugees. She greatly admires Merkel and wants to follow in her footsteps. Why are these so-called ‘leaders' doing this? Because they think it will be easier to usher in their globalism if they can first break down western civilization. Violence and fragmentation inevitably results when countries are flooded with too much diversity too quickly. When people are preoccupied with conflict while also trying to make a living, it's more difficult for them to unite against the tyranny being inflicted upon them.

Most of these ‘refugees,' like most Muslims living in America right now, want Sharia Law--not our Constitution. That suits Hillary just fine. She doesn't follow the Constitution anyway. Besides, she’s accepted $25 million from the Saudis and will support their interests. She doesn’t seem to care about the mistreatment of gays and women there, yet Hillary the liar and hypocrite still claims to be a supporter of women’s issues. Her friend and operative Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim brotherhood and terrorism, yet there are rumors Hillary will make Huma the new Secretary of State.

Obama and Hillary share the same Islamic vision for America. It’s time to show both of these traitorous, lying frauds the door.

These two Alinsky-ites have done their best to destroy America and replace it with world government. They need to be swept into the dustbin of history. It’s time to arrest Hillary for her crimes. Hearing a judge pronouncing her ‘guilty!’ would truly be among the sweetest sounds.

—Ben Garrison

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 IS A SCAM OUT OF ISRAEL

UPDATE: Nearly two months later...NO GLASSES, NO REFUND, NO APOLOGIES. I was told 'the case is closed.' Avoid this miserable scam company!

I want to warn my friends about the scam. Sure, they offer very cheap glasses and a wide variety of styles. They promise quick delivery, top quality...blah blah blah. But I never got them as promised. I was told DHL attempted delivery but I was "not at home." Bunk. I work at home every day. I WAS home. I've not left this house in a month. I was then told to contact DHL for delivery. The tracking number didn't work.

And why is a US-based company even using DHL for anyway? Makes no sense. So I asked GlassesUSA why they use a foreign service.

The answer I got was it was because the glasses are made in Europe. Ha ha. Why not 'GlassesEurope?' Oh wait a minute...they lied about that, too. The company has little to do with the USA at all. GlassesUSA, LLC was founded in 2009 and is based in Bnei Brak, Israel.

The new tracking number didn't work. I will never get the glasses. Most likely, they were never even shipped and GlassesUSA probably never made them. They probably knew Montana delivery wasn't possible so they simply pretended! They lied to me. I was ripped off.

DHL closed down all operations in Montana and Wyoming back in 2008. Have they reopened an office? Missoula? It's unclear. Do I ever see DHL trucks in the area? Never. Is there some sort of satellite grouped with some podunk, obscure mailing service outlet somewhere? Possibly, but if DHL was even involved at all in the first place, then they outright LIED to GlassesUSA.

Why? Because I was informed by GlassesUSA that DHL said they made 'at least' THREE attempts at delivery. Impossible! I'm always here! 'At least' is the tipoff that they're lying. What, they don't know exactly how many attempts were made? WTF does 'at least' mean? So many attempts paints me as the bad guy. It's MY fault for being home and not seeing the invisible DHL truck pull up. Their tracking records note one attempt and I doubt that was even made. No note was left on the door about where to go to pick up the glasses. I have been home all day each day for the past month. My wife does the shopping. I stay home and work. I've had a lot of work and I'm in my office ALL DAY. If a DHL truck had pulled in, well I would have seen it. My office window faces the driveway. I would have seen AND heard it! THEY ARE LIARS! And as far as I'm concerned, so is!

If there had been an attempt at delivery, the dog would have started barking and I would have been made aware if I was out of my office and in another room. I would have been aware of any delivery attempt. We live in a quiet area. It would have been obvious. So DHL lied. GlassesUSA is disingenuous at best. They should drop 'USA' from their name.

If the prices seem very low and 'too good to be true,' well...that's always a clue, isn't it? 

Beware of scam artists--they're everywhere.

--Ben Garrison

Monday, September 19, 2016

Did the Military Arrest Hillary? Perp Walk:

It does appear as if Hillary was handcuffed. They did forcefully put her into the van as if she were a sack of potatoes--or someone under arrest. We do see some sort of metal around her ankles. If you watch the video closely, it does appear as if something is shiny around her ankles.

This could explain much. It sent the DNC and MSM scrambling to make up an excuse. First it was said she suffered from heat exhaustion--in mid 70 degree weather. Then Bill said it was 'the flu.' Then it was pneumonia. Then we saw a body double appear on the street with a staged shot of a little girl. "I feel great!" said the body double. No secret service or entourage was around her.

Here are the scenarios I've been able to find so far:

1. Hillary died at the medical clinic (probably owned by the Clintons) at Chelsea's swank apartment building. An ABC news affiliate in New York announced her death. Bring on the body double and computer graphics.

2. Hillary is very ill and in bed. Bring on the body double.

3. Hillary was arrested for treason and the military is doing what the compromised FBI wouldn't do--hence her stiff and stumbling perp walk into the van. She's now in some unnamed location and under detention. Bring on the body double. Will Bill be arrested next? I hope so.

4. Hillary has Parkinsons or other very serious condition and her meds wore off.

5. Hillary is still sick but back on the scene--only now she's heavily drugged.

6. Hillary really did have pneumonia--then made a miraculous 'I feel great!' recovery in an hour or so, then relapsed with pneumonia and disappeared.

Hillary's lead in the polls has disappeared as well and things could get interesting as we approach the presidential debate!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Are You a 'Deplorable?'

...then this t-shirt is for you!

Get 'em while they're hot!

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Cartoon:

I first began watching ‘Star Trek’ when I was 10. I watched the original programs as they were broadcast. I watched some of the other series over the years, but the original episodes remain my favorite. I was never a ‘Trekkie’ per se, but I did attend an event at college where James Doohan was the speaker. The auditorium was packed. He was a real star and fielded many questions. Everyone loved him.

So naturally I was disappointed not to see him on the 'Star Trek 50th Anniversary Commemorative Issue' just issued by ‘TIME.' Maybe the PC crowd at ‘TIME' thought he would make one white man too many. Fine. I thumbed through the slick magazine and came across a Trump slur. What does he have to do with Star Trek? ‘TIME' compared him to an alien species known as the Ferengi. They are greedy, ugly capitalists. Some wag at ‘TIME' couldn’t resist and so their own biased politics were allowed to pollute the commemorative.

With that spirit in mind, I decided to draw my own 'Star Trek' commemorative—a cartoon. Now if Hillary were in 'Star Trek,’ who would she be? A blue Andorian with antennae? A Danebian Slime Devil? No…that would be too mean. She needs to be part of the Federation and someone of lofty rank. So I made her a Captain. A captain similar to Christopher Pike, only without his honor and courage. 

Non- 'Star Trek' fans may not ‘get’ this cartoon, but those of you who are most certainly will. To my fellow Star Trek fans—it’s up to you. Who would you vote for? Captain Trump or Captain Hillary? My choice is obvious. —Ben Garrison

P.S. Special thanks to Jeff Rense for using my cartoons in his video with Joel Skousen.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Humpty Hillary:

Humpty Hillary has had a great fall. Many of them. She passed out and got a concussion that resulted in a blood clot and many other health issues. (Seizures? Parkinson’s? Dementia?) She’s also falling in the polls. She has obvious health problems that she is unable to keep hidden. She has ethics and criminal problems. She claims she couldn’t remember deleting her email due to her concussion. It’s now been revealed that she smashed an iPad and Blackberries with a hammer. To hide evidence, of course. That in and of itself is criminal. Alas, she’s above the law. All of this disqualifies her from being the president. If she was too sick to know what she was doing, it disqualifies her. If she’s lying about it all, that disqualifies her. Her disastrous actions when she was Secretary of State disqualifies her.

She’s an ill criminal who is unfit for the presidency.

As her allies try to keep her together, she is falling apart before our eyes. Cough cough!