Thursday, February 23, 2017

Le Pen is Mightier than the Sword:

NOTE: This was my most successful cartoon to date. On the first day it had 500,000 views on FB alone. It's now approaching 1 million. GrrrGraphics also reached the 61k mark on Twitter. I guess it's a matter of time when Google, FB and Twitter will shut me down, lol.


Kudos to France’s Marine Le Pen. She refused to don the veil—a headscarf—as a requirement to meet with a Muslim religious authority. I decided to draw a quick cartoon to commemorate her act, because all other female political figures usually submit.

Such a clash of cultures results almost always results in the west caving into Islam. Even Hillary Clinton wore the veil several Times during her mideast trips. So much for her standing up for western values and freedom for women, who in some Muslim countries can be whipped if they go out in public without covering their heads. Of course, we know Hillary received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. That’s probably why she doesn’t criticize the House of Saud’s brutality toward women.

Le Pen, like Trump, is not ruled by political correctness. We need more leaders like her. It’s time for the west to stop caving in to Islam. —Ben Garrison

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Rise and Fall of Milo Yiannopoulos:

I've drawn two cartoons (shown here) that supported Milo and his endeavor to melt the far-left campus snowflakes. His ability to do that with verbal aplomb is impressive. He can be entertaining and witty.

Now we hear the 'deep state' and the 'never Trumpers' may be trying to destroy him and his burgeoning stardom. That may be the case, but Milo has to accept some of the blame.

I was very disappointed by his performance on the Bill Maher show. He showed up in a big pearl necklace and basically looked flaming. OK, he’s gay. We get it. Who cares. I wish he had showed up in a nice suit and tie, but no…he wants to be memorable and make sure people know about his gayness. It's part of his branding. He says he likes sex with black men. That's too much information. I don't want to hear that. It should be about debate and countering the cultural Marxism, but no—it’s too much about his meme of being "dangerous" and confrontational. We have to hear about his sexual predilections when most of us would rather he kept that stuff private. 

He even called Maher’s panel ‘stupid.’ There were two African Americans on the panel that evening. One took it with grace, the other didn’t. Regardless, he should go after their ideas and not hurl childish insults. Calling someone stupid is not exactly an example of Gore Vidal-like wit. Maybe fame came too quickly for him and being in the limelight was too overwhelming for his ego. The 'too much too soon' syndrome. His attention whoring got out of hand. It’s time for him to reflect and regroup before he continues to go lewdly down in flames. If possible, it’s time for him to be a bit more humble. He's a young man with a promising future if he can be more like Stefan Molyneux and less like a troll.

His book deal fell through. So what? He still has his freedom of speech and can self-publish. That's what many of us have had to do. Fame and fortune should not hurt what is right and wrong.

--Ben Garrison

Monday, February 20, 2017

John McCain: The Mad Bomber

t’s time for John McCain to retire. It’s long past due. 

Forget what you read about McCain on Wikipedia and other state-sponsored sites. His history has been sanitized and covered up by the globalists.

Here we have a man whose powerful, 4-star admiral father made sure he got many undeserved breaks in life. He grew up as a smart assed, entitled brat. McCain finished 894th out of 899 at the Naval Academy. He said he enjoyed being off-duty more than flying. He drove a fast car, chased women and gambled. He fancied himself as a ‘maverick.'

He recklessly crashed several planes because he enjoyed being a daredevil. His flying record should have gotten him tossed out of the military, but he knew he was immune due to his powerful connections. He wet-started his jet engine as a jape and it caused the plane behind him to fire a missile. McCain quickly dropped his bombs and ran below decks—never bothering to help in the fire-fighting effort. His bombs exploded and almost sunk the Forrestal. 134 sailors were killed and a helicopter whisked McCain away because many in the crew wanted his scalp.

He sang like a bird while being a POW in Vietnam and disclosed highly classified information to his captors. To be sure, he did suffer broken bones and was bayonetted upon his capture, but when the North Vietnamese realized they had an Admiral’s son, he received special treatment. When he returned to America, he cruelly divorced his wife, who was hospitalized for a long while after a car accident. He then married a rich woman who could fund his political ambitions. Once in power, he then systematically voted against veterans and MIAs. 

Trump was right to speak out against McCain, and now the senator harbors a grudge. The anti-vet, warmongering McCain needs to retire before he causes more grief.

—Ben Garrison

Friday, February 17, 2017

Here's my latest cartoon. I remain amazed by the good eyes of my supporters. Someone asked why Obama was on two bricks. Well, one partially. I didn't figure anyone would notice. Obama did the bidding of the Shadow Government for 8 long years. So I gave him a brick for each of his two terms.

The Shadow has been forced into view. It’s not a pretty sight. President Trump has the wheel and the shadow government can’t stand it.

The American people thought they had the say, but it was all an illusion. The Shadow has mostly had the say since President Kennedy. Their star chambers trumped the voting booths.

Trump is not owned by the Shadow, and it appears he wants to keep his campaign promises, which will be the equivalent of throwing a giant monkey wrench into the globalists' gears. The shadow doesn’t want the swamp drained. Therefore, his minions are doing their best to stop him by loudly repeating a big whopper: They say Russia and Trump somehow ‘hacked’ the presidential election.

What really happened is Hillary Clinton received payola from Russia and in return she allowed them to control 20 percent of our uranium reserves. The legacy press is not interested in that story, though. They take marching orders from the Shadow, whose script is repeated by the far left media and Hollywood. Unencumbered by facts and reality, the legacy media can spew lies endlessly. Then they had the gall to express outrage because Trump didn’t take them seriously at his press conference.

Since Trump didn’t agree with their assertions (lies) they claimed he’s out to end freedom of the press. That’s a howler. The press stopped being free a long time ago. They do as they're told by the Shadow. Instead of investigating Hillary’s long list of crimes, which probably includes ‘pizzagate’ activity, they instead steadily thumped the negative drums of anti-Trumpism. More and more citizens no longer want to listen. People are catching on and are tuning out the Shadow’s propaganda mills.

The legacy media have been exposed along with the Shadow. They will continue to discredit themselves by doubling down on their Russian hacking nonsense. Maybe they think it’s their best hope to impeach Trump and install Hillary. If they succeed, there will be widespread revolt, if not outright revolution.

Eisenhower warned us of the Shadow government, also known as the ‘deep state.’ The Shadow called the shots and rigged the game in its favor for far too long. The Shadow considered voters to be suckers who would believe any lie they were told—whether it be The Warren Commission Report or The Gulf of Tonkin fantasy. They voted for Tweedle D or Tweedle R and the Shadow won regardless. Thankfully, we got the Internet. People are now able to circumvent the propaganda arms and find the truth. As a result, we have a populist, nationalist president who wants to do what the citizens want. The Shadow knows this, hence its desperation. The Shadow is capable of doing whatever it takes, including treason, to stop Trump.

We must remain vigilant.

—Ben Garrison

Sunday, February 12, 2017

California: The Cat Lady State

Aristotle recommended moderation, or the ‘golden mean.’ Virtue can be found as a reasoned, logical place between two extremes. For example, courage is virtuous, but when carried to an extreme it becomes destructive recklessness. A lack of courage brings about its opposite, cowardice.

We see today a great many ‘virtue signalers’ who want to feel good about themselves. They consider themselves kind, humane and generous and they want you to know about it. They demand help for poor, suffering people all over the planet. They want them removed from their own countries and cultures and brought to the United States so we can see such help up close and personal. “Let them in!” they shout. Their signs say, “Refugees are welcome!” They think all humans are equal and there should be no borders. At least, not for the United States.

The problem with such virtue signaling is they want to help people by forcing others to participate. Someone has to pay for for the immigrants who come here wanting free stuff. Things such as medical care, education, housing and food. The immigrants also bring cultural conflict, violence and crime. Big government is the tool used by virtue signalers. They want to steal from you via taxes to pay for the welfare of strangers.

I lived in San Angelo, Texas for nearly 10 years. The many Mexican Americans I knew there were proud of their heritage, but they considered themselves Americans first. They scorned immigrants from Mexico who did not bother to learn English. Nowadays, it’s considered ‘racist’ to insist people have a common language and culture. We are no longer a melting pot.

Massive Muslim immigration is even more dangerous. They demand Sharia Law, not our Constitution. They consider Islam to be superior to Christianity. They do not assimilate—they dominate. Importing Islamic culture is a recipe for future strife and conflict. Refugees wanting to escape their hell holes too often want to transform their host countries into the very same hell holes that they left. Look at what happened to Sweden. Crime and rape skyrocketed and now there are ‘no go’ Muslim zones. This the the same vision Obama had for America. That’s why he drove hard to the hoop to import as many Muslims here as he could. A divided country is easier for world government types to control.

Victor Davis Hanson is one of my favorite writers. His books on history are excellent. He also wrote an excellent book titled “Mexifornia,” in which he expertly sums up the problems California and other states are facing. That is, a new paradigm where illegal immigrants are not assimilating. English is no longer expected to be spoken. “La Raza,” an openly racist organization, wants to turn California into Mexico while of course still insisting their people get plenty of free stuff.

California wants to be a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. There is even talk about secession. Under Governor Jerry Brown (Governor ‘Moonbeam’), the state's debt has deepened to over $400 billion. Regardless, more free stuff is perpetually promised and more immigrants are desired. They can’t afford to help every suffering person in the world without making citizens themselves suffer. This is an example of a virtue being carried to an extreme. Helping others has become a dangerous vice.

—Ben Garrison

Additional: Every day I get at least a few cartoon ideas submitted from folks who like my cartoons. I never expected so many people out there to have ideas for cartoons and most of them very good. Unfortunately, I am not able to draw them all, and often I don't even have time to reply to all the email and ideas I received. In this case though--a man named Charlie P. suggested I draw California as a 'cat lady' welcoming in all the stray cats of the world...and it was too good to pass up. If I ever draw an idea submitted to me, I will give that person credit on the cartoon itself as well as send them a free, signed print. BG

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Boycott Starbucks!

The CEO of Starbucks outdid them all by promising 10,000 jobs to refugees. Shouldn’t Americans get those jobs first? NO! It’s about importing more Muslims who want their own culture—Islam, which they consider superior. It's about tearing down western civilization in order to usher in world government. 
Wake up and smell your burnt coffee, Starbucks. You are brewing up big trouble and I for one will no longer patronize any of your establishments.  

It's time to boycott Starbucks.

—Ben Garrison

Friday, February 03, 2017

Berkeley Protestors:

Students at Berkeley protested in the 1960s to help bring about freedom of political speech and activities at their university. They forced the administration to acknowledge that such speech should not end on campus.

Nowadays, students at Berkeley want to end free speech. They chased Milo Yiannopoulos off campus and then physically attacked those with whom they disagree. The students turned classical liberalism into the very fascism that they claim to despise.

Chairman Mao once brought about a 'Cultural Revolution’ that was designed to drive out so called ‘revisionists’ and generally instill fear into the populace. Why? Because he could and he enjoyed power. He encouraged China’s young people to harass professors and officials. Many older people suffered beatings, public humiliation and harassment by Mao's young fanatics. This helped suppress any dissent—which was always something Mao enjoyed nipping in the bud. We’re now seeing a variation of this on many of today’s college campuses. Students are indoctrinated into a mindset that places feelings above logic and reason. They attack their enemies through violence—not debate. You cannot reason with a fist in the face. The ‘antifa’ students are funded by the billionaire sadist George Soros, who loves power and tyranny just as much as Mao did. Like Mao, he also wants to live forever.

Today, if you are conservative in many of America’s big cities, you had better keep your mouth shut. Wearing a pro-Trump hat invites a violent response from leftist thugs. Politicians on the left such as Tim Kaine are egging it on. The legacy media are also complicit.

The global elite could not install Hillary, so they are dancing a tantrum. As a result, Trump is threatened with assassination and his supporters are being physically assaulted. We have also seen Richard Spencer get sucker punched. Whether or not you agree with him is beside the point. Spencer does not advocate violence and his free speech should be protected like anyone else’s.
It’s time to stop the violence and start listening to each other. Instead of telling the police to ‘stand down’ in the face of reckless hate and violence from the left, the rule of law should be enforced. The First Amendment should be defended.

—Ben Garrison

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Stop it, Starbucks!

A meme box is circulating on the Internet. It features the face of Steve Jobs with the proclamation that he was the son of a Syrian refugee and therefore we should accept all Syrian refugees. The logic of the left is often predicated on such fallacies of logic. The average IQ of a Syrian is 83. Hardly ‘insanely great.’ If you mention that to one of the leftist virtue posturers however, you’ll most likely be smeared as a ‘hater’ or ‘racist.’ The protestors demanding the importation of Muslim refugees are doing it to feel good about themselves. Feelings are of paramount importance to them. They probably feel a happy warm glow inside because they think they are helping people. Helping people is progress. They are progressive.

The problem is, their idea of help does not involve voluntarism. Their idea of ‘common good' relies on government force, and who gets to decide what this ‘common good’ is? Why, the lefties, of course! They want to help people by using bigger government and more taxes. Don’t agree? Don’t want to pay those taxes? There’s always a chance that well-armed government operatives can show up and make you pay--and if you resist, you could be killed.

These progressives now want to force upon us millions of Muslim refugees, who tend to be young, single males. That’s a recipe for crime and terrorism. In Sweden, only a handful of these refugees become employed. Most stay on the dole. Rape statistics are off the charts. Importing such a disparate culture into Europe has been a disaster for western civilization. It didn't work in Europe, but somehow it’s magically supposed to work in America? We see similar liberals here with the same welcoming signs and the same virtue posturing that we saw in Europe. The CEO of Starbucks outdid them all by promising 10,000 jobs to refugees. Shouldn’t Americans get those jobs first? NO! It’s about importing more Muslims who want their own culture—Islam, which they consider superior. It's about tearing down western civilization in order to usher in world government.

Wake up and smell your burnt coffee, Starbucks. You are brewing up big trouble and I for one will no longer patronize any of your establishments.

—Ben Garrison