Wednesday, January 21, 2015

m00t gets the boot

Christopher "m00t" Poole is leaving 4chan. He leaves behind a wasteland of reckless hate and in my case, five long years of constant defamation and lies along with libel, copyright infringement and general apathy among his so-called 'moderators.'

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. On second thought, I hope it hits you with great alacrity. OH--and don't extend any apology or anything for using me to make your ill-gotten gains. I don't expect one.

Here's a souvenir poster I drew just for you, 'm00t.'

Update: This young man is also a liar. He knows he sent me an trolling email accusing me of being racist. It's the same email address he is using now. Confirmed. Also, he claimed he never received email from me and then he admitted he did, but ignored it. There's no way he can't be unaware of the libel and copyright infringement as well as defamation occurring on his most popular board for five years. He could have had 'trolling' threads removed. His moderators told me they wouldn't do it--I would have to ask 'mOOt' to do that. I did. He ignored me. Why? Because trolling attracts eyeballs and brings dollars into his pockets. He is the head troll. Christopher Poole is a contemptible scoundrel. His character flaws will worsen as he grows older. Mark my words.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Anglin the Coward is At It Again...

A troll named Andrew Anglin continues to attack me on his hate site. He is asking his followers to send out tweets using my face and signature pasted onto a long racist hate screed. This is a cowardly tactic from a troubled young man who claims he's not violent, yet he invents straw men to cry out for mass murder.

He does this for 'lulz.' I doubt he's even a Nazi as he claims. He does it for laughs and donations. His site is a cartoon of hate that appeals to those lacking in humanity and intelligence. He enjoys fooling people into thinking he's a Nazi--thereby profiting from his enterprise. He has figured out how to make a living from trolling.

Bear in mind that if you see hateful images and words attached to my face and signature, it's the work of trolls like little Anglin. --Ben Garrison 


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A Salute to Free Speech

I saw a French cartoonist proclaim that for today, he was drawing for Charlie Hebdo. I decided to do the same and I call on all cartoonists to speak up for free speech and denounce the murderous radical Islamists.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

I want to thank everyone who has supported and 'liked' grrrgraphics this year. We should see some momentous events in 2015 considering how unstable our dysfunctional monetary system is under the corrupt Federal Reserve. I expect to see a lot of trouble arising from this and I plan on drawing a lot of new cartoons.

My book is finished and it's currently being edited. I hope to have it released sometime in the next month or two. Meanwhile, let me again reiterate that I never draw anti-Semitic cartoons and if you think that, you've been trolled. I appreciate everyone who understands that I've been under heavy attack from Internet trolls almost since I first penned an anti-Federal Reserve cartoon back in 2009. The trolls blame it all on me of course, and they also claim I'm against free speech. That's nonsense.

I especially want to thank everyone who donated to my legal fund. Some progress is being made and I can't say what it is, but I want to see at least one of the trolls brought to justice this year for persistently defacing my work while claiming it was drawn by the 'real' Ben Garrison. Well, here I am. I'm the real Ben Garrison. (see video).

Happy new year from Montana!!!