Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ben Garrison's Exclusive Interview with Andrew Anglin

Ben Garrison: Hello, Andrew. Thanks for agreeing to an interview.

Andrew Anglin: Just so you know, I don’t usually grant interviews to people I don’t like, but since you produced a lot of laughs on my site, l'll grant you the privilege. I know you have an axe to grind, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So bring it!

Ben Garrison: OK, let’s get started. I don’t have an axe, either. I use a maul.

Ben Garrison: You’ve attacked me quite a few times on your popular site, “The Daily Stormer," but you labeled the offensive material as ‘satire.' Do you know that your troll material shows up on Google searches? Do you even care that has ruined my reputation and my ability to make a living? Do you think it’s acceptable to accuse me of masterminding murders and terrorizing my family?

Andrew Anglin: What a crybaby you are. It was my intention to have that shit show up in order to ruin you. I’m glad I succeeded. You should have considered the consequences before you made yourself into an lol-cow. You must take all the blame for being a dumb ass Libertarian who listened to the Jew-controlled Alex Jones. You brought it all on yourself. Don’t blame me; blame yourself. Besides, you can’t sue me because you’re a public figure and therefore subject to my ridicule.

Ben Garrison: Who gets to decide whether or not I’m a public figure? It’s certainly not you. You can probably consider yourself a public figure since you have a Wikipedia page. I don’t have such a page. Famous personalities, sports figures and politicians are public figures. Very few out there in the general public know who I am.

Andrew Anglin: I know, that’s what makes it so fucking hilarious. It was easy to trick people into thinking you really are a Nazi. Well, at least you have an ‘Encyclopedia Dramatica’ entry, ha ha! It took you a long time to figure out that you are who WE say you are and you deserve all the ridicule hurled at you because you complained about it. Did you really think one man could defeat my entire troll army? All you could do is call us ‘chuckleheads.’ God, you’re dumb. Don’t feed the trolls! What part of that didn’t you understand? Besides, you brought it all on yourself for saying ‘hate speech is not free speech.’

Ben Garrison: You got me there. I sure did screw up with that statement. I was angry when I wrote that. What I meant to say was hate speech is not free on Facebook and other social media. I should have clarified that. There are community standards on Facebook and your schtick wouldn’t last there because you don’t own it and they get to decide standards. Hate speech is definitely free for you; that’s obvious. Nobody can stop you because it’s legal in America. Even so, what you did to me was libel and you had the chutzpah to brazenly ruin my reputation. That’s free for you too because I can’t get it removed from your site without spending a fortune. Your precious hate speech shall not be infringed on the site your dad bought for you. His involvement is a matter of public record so I assume he endorses what you are doing. Perhaps your mom does, too…which explains why a reporter wanted to interview her. Is she a white supremacist as well? How about your brother and sister? They look like normal people on their Facebook pages. By the way, did you see the cartoon I drew about you and your precious hate speech?

Andrew Anglin: Hey, it’s not cool to bring my family into this. Yeah, thanks for drawing me in shorts with socks and sandals and a big, flat nose. Asshole. My nose is flat because I’ve been in too many fist fights. And stop using kike words such as ‘schtick’ and ‘chutzpah.’ They are an offense to my Aryan ears!

Ben Garrison: You and your troll army had no problem dragging my family into it, now did you? But let's move on. Another thing a lot of people are interested in was your trip to the Philippines. You made a video featuring a young, giggling girl with you. Apparently you are now obsessed with hunting down this video to get it removed from the Internet. How can you claim you have nothing to hide while hiding something? In other words, when hate speech goes against you, you try to shut it down. Apparently you endorse free speech only when it benefits you. Were you trying to remove that video because you referred to the giggling Filipino gal in it as your ‘jail bait’ girlfriend? What does that say about your character?

Andrew Anglin: Listen, Bro. Everyone knows I was joking! 

Ben Garrison: I’m not your ‘bro.’ I’m old enough to be your father. I realize you’re not the type who shows respect to your elders, but please go ahead and tell me more about why you went to the Philippines.

Andrew Anglin: I went on a long vacation there. My dad bankrolled it. He thought it would be a good experience for me. He also has a penchant for the young ladies, so he understood. I like young Filipino girls because they are shorter than me and they don’t care if I boss them around or if I tell them to shut up. American girls are too problematic.

Ben Garrison: In other words, you can’t find a girlfriend in America. You are only 5’ 2” tall, so I know that has to be a problem for you. I noticed you used a big word there, too. It’s nice to hear you employ words other than profanity, even though I think ‘problematic’ is overused these days. It’s good that you’re brushing up on your vocabulary. After all, I heard that you considered yourself a ‘journalist.’ Have you had any training or education in that field?

Andrew Anglin: No. I majored in drugs, alcohol and fist fights. But I’m a great writer and if I wanted to, I could get a job writing for the Jew York Times!

Ben Garrison: Uh huh. Yeah, I heard the New York Times is looking for a reporter with Turret’s Syndrome. Anyway Andrew, why do you hate Jews so much? Have you ever known any in person?

Andrew Anglin: No, I’ve never known any in person, but I’ve heard they’re greedy people who want to run the world and destroy the white man. They blame the white man for everything and make ridiculous claims of victimhood. They say sixty trillion Jews were made into lampshades by evil white people. But they don’t have to worry about me. I have no intention of turning Christ-killing Jews into soap. I’m non-violent, but if I could figure out a way to send them all back to Europe, I would. Maybe we can vote them off the island. I’ve never met a white person who has EVER had something good to say about Jews. Anyone who has ever been around them regularly despises them.

Ben Garrison: Just remember that American Jews have the same Constitutional rights that you do. If you try use violence to kick them out of their own country, you should know that many Jews also are big believers in the 2nd Amendment. As for your hatred of Jews, it seems to me that it’s mostly based on hearsay, and you only want to hear anti-Semitism. I think you’ve been brainwashed by hate. I worked at newspapers for about 20 years. Many friends and coworkers I worked with happened to be Jewish. They were all good people and I never detected that they were trying to take over the world. Also, I’m a white man and I liked them, so that proves you wrong.

Andrew Anglin: Well, you’re a shabbos goy! They have you fooled! GAS THE KIKES! RACE WAR NOW!!!

Ben Garrison: Calm down, young man. It’s that kind of, uh, ‘journalism’ on your site that motivated Dylann Roof to murder innocent people. He perused your site and even posted messages of hate there, remember?

Andrew Anglin: Shut up! I have a disclaimer on my site! However you feel about me and my views, you have no right to claim that I'm responsible for a mass murder, nor does anyone have a right to try and intimidate or bring harm upon my family. The damn Jews are pulling out all of the most wicked and low-down tactics imaginable!

Ben Garrison: Yet you delight in intimidating and bringing harm to others when you harass them with your Daily Stormer ‘troll army.’ Making up lies about others and flooding the Internet with them isn’t 'low-down?'

Andrew Anglin: You’re just an old faggot crybaby who can’t take the heat. It’s not my fault, it’s YOUR fault. You asked for it and it serves you right. You didn’t understand how the interwebs worked and you paid the price. 

Ben Garrison: Yeah, and I’m continuing to pay that price all right, but you must know that your troll attacks bring harm to people such as me—people who aren’t public figures who simply want to exercise their free speech to express their views. Now you’ve made it difficult for me to make a living by Photoshopping me into a Nazi uniform and making sure my name is in the file title. That image is among the first things to show up on Google searches. I was almost kicked out of my art gallery because the owner believed what she saw there. Isn’t it wicked on your part to ruin someone’s reputation and ability to make a living simply because you don’t like his politics?

Andrew Anglin: Good! I’m glad you’re ruined. I enjoy breaking rice bowls. You are a fucking mass murderer and I want everyone to know your true self—Zyklon Ben! We tell you who you are and you should just give up and become what we want you to be! It’s my free speech to ruin your reputation and you can’t sue me. Falwell vs. Larry Flynt sent the precedent. For a libertarian you sure don’t seem to like free speech!

Ben Garrison: I respect free speech, but we libertarians also respect property. You have vandalized my cartoons and then posted them on your site, claiming they are the ‘originals’ with my name left on them. My lawyer said I have a case, but it would be very expensive and most likely you’re broke so there would be no incentive for him. I couldn’t raise enough money to sue you, so you can rest easy. Let’s get back to the interview: I assume the ‘we’ is your ‘troll army’ that you muster in order to attack your targets du jour, and then attempt to destroy those targets through bullying, doxing and character assassination. And yet I noticed something: When you are trolled, you spew crocodile tears. Recently, a TV reporter wanted to ask your mom a few questions—which is legit since you are a public figure. He just wanted to find out what made you into a troll and how to contact you since you are apparently in hiding. I see on your site that you danced quite a tantrum about a reporter just trying to do his job. 

Andrew Anglin: What NBC’s Duane Pohlman did was a gross violation of basic human morals! No one deserves to have their mother abused like this, and that by allowing this to go unaddressed, we are putting the basic concept of freedom in jeopardy! Pohlman is a filthy jew trying to terrorize my mom and we will do our best to see that he’s fired!

Ben Garrison: How did he ’terrorize’ your mom? He never even spoke with her. Your dad also remains closed--lipped about what you are doing. He claims he doesn’t even know what National Socialism is, even though he funded your site and receives donations at his ‘Christian Counseling’ office. People are curious about what ‘made’ you this way. Most Americans consider Nazis to be nut jobs, including me. Are you really serious about what you are doing or is it a big, elaborate joke? You must be aware of your own hypocrisy and that’s why I’ve concluded that you are not a real white supremacist at all. You are really just a troll who enjoys clowning around. In fact, even other white supremacists are ashamed of your antics and theatrics. I hate this word, but they think you are ‘cucking’ them. It makes them look bad. Can you admit you are doing this merely for the kicks trolling provides you? You have figured out a way to make a living from trolling and being a Nazi enables you to utilize all the scary drama that it entails. Yet some would say you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. I think you can take it. You simply enjoy playing the victim when attacked. You love the drama. It inflates your already capacious ego. You love making waves and noise and drawing attention to yourself. You must get a big laugh out of fooling people in this manner. I think trolling is your life’s real passion. You do it to bring more attention to yourself, which means more eyeballs to your site and perhaps more dollars into your wallet. Will you admit I’m right?

Andrew Anglin: I’ve always been a troll at heart and I’ve admitted it. I’m also a proud Nazi! What are you? You’re just an lol cow—a fucking faggot!

Ben Garrison: You seem to like that word. Is it true that your uncle owned the lone gay bar in your hometown, and after he died your dad took it over? 

Andrew Anglin: No comment.

Ben Garrison: But you do see the irony here, don’t you? Your dad helps fund your activities. You routinely attack gay people on your site while indirectly receiving money from gay people. 

Andrew Anglin: Can’t you understand? It’s a war and I’ll do anything to advance the cause. If I have to bend logic here and there, I’ll do it to destroy the Jews and support the white man! I got into Hitler and realized that through his type of nationalist system, alienation felt by my fellow young people could be replaced with community in a real sense, while the authoritarianism would allow for technology to develop in a direction that was beneficial rather than destructive to the people.

Ben Garrison: The Jewish people would not find your system beneficial. Nor blacks. Nor hispanics. Nor gays. Then where would that lead…only blue eyed and blond people would be allowed into your club? Now that you mention it, are you even white yourself? After all, you have a broad nose and quasi-mongoloid features. Some say you look like an albino black man. You admitted that you are attracted to black women and young filipino girls. Isn’t that odd behavior for a white supremacist? Also, you’re not a very tall physical specimen, and yet you want to be known as a great leader of white men. Do you see any contradiction here, and does any of this bother you?

Andrew Anglin: What are you implying? You tall guys are always referring to us as manlets. What you just said is a low blow and a personal attack! I can’t help how tall I am and my parents are white. I already provided ample evidence of my whiteness. You are repeating a stupid Jew hoax that I’m not white. As for me praising other races, I was drunk when I made those statements. End of story.

Ben Garrison: Do you like any of the current presidential candidates?

Andrew Anglin: Trump wants to send the beaners back to Mexico and I like that, but he supports those goddamn kikes in Israel. Everyone else is a joke. What we really need is a strong white leader like Putin. Russia may be the only white nation left considering they’re the only country not allowing millions of shitskins in to take over. I may end up moving to Russia. 

Ben Garrison: Yeah, I heard you liked Putin--but don’t you like Hitler better? You may remember that millions of Russians died fighting Nazis, so they may not exactly throw out the welcome mat for you.

Andrew Anglin: Putin is a real man! He is making the Jews leave and he wants to restore the Romanov monarchy. How great is that?

Ben Garrison: Maybe Putin will bring back hemophilia, too. Maybe he should add ‘Ras’ as a prefix to his name. Can you tell me any inside info about your operations? Are you a honeypot for the FBI? Why have you had so many problems with your servers and your site going down?

Andrew Anglin: Yeah, all comments posted on my site go directly to the FBI and NSA. Some day they will really give the masses who post on my site a real education--inside concentration camps. There. Does that satisfy all you conspiratards? My site keeps going down because it’s expensive and I can't afford to hire IT persons. I see the outages as a way to keep asking for more money, too. When the DS is not up, people miss it! Hate is like a drug and I have many addicted to it. As for inside info, I will tell you I’m no longer living in Worthington, Ohio. I only go there to pick up money from my dad. I’m now hiding out at a top-secret location because I’m getting famous and too many people want to beat seven shades of shit out of me.

Ben Garrison: OK, so now you’re like Hitler in his bunker. You must have a lot of people angry with you—because I’m one of them. You won’t have to worry about me showing up for a fist fight, though. I’m almost double your age, weight and height. OK, that really was a cheap shot, ha ha. Anyway, you’ve stated that you were once busted for drugs, but now you say you want drug users put in concentration camps?

Andrew Anglin: No, I said drug DEALERS. I make my living dispensing hate, not drugs. It was just a metaphor. Geez, you really don’t have a sense of humor. How in the hell did you ever become a cartoonist? I believe drug dealers should be executed. Pornography will be outlawed entirely, as it has been seen to be extremely destructive to male-female relations. Anyone caught producing pornography will be hung. I also hate fat people. If I was in charge, all of these fat lazy no-self-discipline bastards would be sent straight to the concentration camp to break rocks in the hot sun until they got themselves together. 

Ben Garrison: Did you just say those who like pornography will be well hung? Would you also punish only fat white people or fat black people or fat gay people or fat Jewish people or keep them all separate or...oh never mind. Well, I must say you certainly have your troll banter worked out. Congratulations, you’re a master troll.

Andrew Anglin: Yeah, I’m the champ! I’m the Floyd Mayweather of trolling. I’m undefeated. At the same time, I'm doing my best to stop the Jewish takeover of western society. Uh-oh, my server just went down again. I have to get back at it. This interview is over! Hail victory!!

Ben Garrison: Thank you.

UPDATE: Thanks to Andrew Anglin's troll army, I had to leave my art gallery. The owner was harassed. Sure, it's easy for everyone to find out I'm not a murdering 'nazi' as Andrew claims I am, but nobody wants bad publicity brought into their place of business. Take a bow, Andrew. You must be beaming with pride.

UPDATE2: Andrew Anglin teamed up with another troll, European88 (the 88 stands for 'heil Hitler') who told Anglin his real name was "Michael Slay." Slay then wrote several hateful essays for Anglin's site. Slay turned out to be none other than Joshua Goldberg, the troll recently arrested for inciting terrorism and murder. So Anglin is no longer the champion troll. He was knocked out cold by a 20 year-old recluse named Goldberg. Oh, the irony. Goldberg also attacked me on Facebook and Reddit repeatedly.

The above interview contains satire. If you don't like it, Andrew...feel free to 'come at me.' This is still America and it's my Constitutionally-protected free speech. If you remove all the altered photos of me as well as the libel from your site, I'll be happy to delete this post and all the images. --Ben Garrison

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The End of the American Dream

My 86 year-old uncle and I have had many lively email debates over the years. He’s a libertarian, too--and while we agree on most things, many times our exchanges end up leading toward deep disagreements. He’s a big believer in real money--gold and silver. I am too, but I got killed betting on silver futures in 2011. Even if had I stuck with the real stuff I would have gotten killed on it. It hit $14 or so today. My uncle remains unfazed. He believes in holding such things forever if need be. He’s extremely anti-gambling and would never touch the stock market. 

My uncle is a terrific writer, actor and ukulele player. He has a wonderful voice. After all, he had a long career as a radio and TV personality and broadcaster. He never went to college, but he has learned a lot on his own. Still, at times he strikes me as being a bit obtuse. I suspect he purposely draws me in so he can get me arguing with him. He enjoys poking holes in my arguments.

One of our most recurring debates revolve around our system of money. I claim we are no longer a capitalist country. Not in any pure sense. Increasingly, we are controlled by a relatively few ultra-rich oligarchs who are running the show. Those people aren’t capitalists—they are crony capitalists. In other words, fascists who rig their own system. They love money and continually want more—along with the power and influence it brings and they will rig the game to get it. Nearly everyone else? Forget about ‘em. Damn useless eaters!

Powerful bankers are among these top oligarchs. They happen to own and control a private printing press. They print money for themselves. If I tried that, I’d be arrested for counterfeiting. The private banks who own the Federal Reserve have taken full advantage of their power. As a result, they own most of the media. They own Wall Street. They own politicians. Their politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, get rich from the lobbyist money they receive as well as the insider deals they make. Government loves the Fed because it prints up as much money as they want for their salaries, their pork barrels, their wars and their own personal power. Our representatives have become the new royalty, but the real kings are the bankers with the printing press. They are globalists who want to own and control everything in the world. As the late George Carlin put it,

"The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they're an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses and the city halls. They've got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear. They've got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying. Lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else.

It's a big club, and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club."

Now, if I bring any of this up, my uncle will inevitably complain that I’m for class warfare and that I ‘hate the rich’ or that I’m ‘for socialism.’ He despises government handouts and even once expressed guilt for collecting his own social security payments. (I explained to him that it was HIS money all along and that he’s finally getting it back). I’ve often tried to explain to him that the richest 1 percent in this country control 40 percent of the nation’s wealth. They now own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. I tell him wages for the middle class have been stagnant for almost 20 years while many leading CEOs make more in one day than many of their lower class workers make in an entire year.

This disconnect in interpreting economic events has a lot to do with our age difference. When he began his radio career in the late 1940s, things were a lot different. An average working man in the 1950s could raise a large family, own a house and car and a TV and put his kids through college. The dollar was still fairly sound and had buying power. The Fed wasn't doing QEs back in those days. Now the Fed must have them continually to keep 'their' rigged market propped up as a signal that 'all is well' in order to justify the first rate hike in nearly a decade. They have to do this to have some ammo and leverage over their own system. Instead, the system seems to be imploding for a variety of reasons. Namely, the debt has become too unmanageable. The Chinese are no longer buying Fed paper and the nouveaux riche there are dumping Chinese stocks and, as a result of margin calls, are also forced to dump their American stocks. Soon we will hear renewed cries for another bailout just like in 2008. In essence the Fed is bailing out the world to keep the primacy of their corrupt petro-debt-dollar going. Today the Dow rose over 600 points in a matter of hours. I could almost smell the QE4.

The Federal Reserve now runs more and more of the show and theyre playing a shell game to keep their private monopoly going at all cost. They can't stand gold and silver--real money. That has to be suppressed. They cant stand the thought of being audited. That way the taxpayers who are forced to support their rigged game will find out just how much theyve been screwed for years. The Fed cloak of secrecy has now been extended to outright lies about economic data. Negative data are converted to positive data. The US is becoming like the old Soviet Union. Political correctness rules the day. Mention the Federal Reserve at all and you're portrayed as a kook. Media arms are like Pravda. They’re there to support their Federal Reserve party commissars and keep the populace ignorant.

The entire system now chalk full of debt from top to bottom. Credit cards are maxed out, housing is dead and oil prices are indicative of an overall slow down. Unfunded liabilities? Theyre pushing $200 trillion.

We do not have free markets and they can fly right back up at the flip of a Fed switch. We just saw that today. After all, the top ten percent in the country owns over 80 percent of stocks. The QEs protect the Fed and the rich. They do nothing for the vast majority of Americans. The money always goes to the top of the pyramid first. Ive pointed all this out to my uncle before and he accuses me of wanting to vote for Bernie Sanders. 

Bernie Sanders, along with Rand Paul are the only presidential candidates who actually want to do something about ending the Fed and taking down the banker monopolies. Sanders wants to do this via socialism. Rand Paul wants a return to a true capitalist system. That means ending the Fed and returning control of money back to where the Constitution stated--to Congress. Both candidates face an uphill battle because they’re crossing lines with powerful status quo forces with wallets the size of continents. 

My uncle would tell me that the average man is lazy. He wants free stuff. The average man will gladly trade liberty for that free stuff in order to be ‘taken care of’ by big government. In some cases he is right, but such generalizations are generally wrong. The problems aren’t the fault of the average Joe who is just trying to make a living. I’ve known a lot of lower and middle class workers and there’s no way they want to be on the dole. There’s no way I would want to be on the dole. We all will gladly work hard to make a living. Too bad that work is increasingly becoming unavailable.

Most people are conscientious and just want a fair shake. That has become increasingly more difficult in this country. College grads are stuck with enormous debt. Home ownership has become a distant dream. Rents are rising. Trade agreements strip away jobs and send them overseas slave labor. The IRS is always there to harass and shave off profits from anyone who becomes too industrious. People lose work and get their homes repossessed by the banks. The same banks who printed it up the money for it out of thin air in the first place. The people know something is very wrong in this country. They know the system is broken. It has been replaced with rigged, crony capitalism that benefits the very top of the pyramid. The top enjoys getting fabulously richer from their own private casino while the middle class picks up the tab if any losses occur. Now that middle class is going away.

Most people are starting to agree with the late George Carlin, who said the American Dream has become just that—a dream.


1. End the Federal Reserve. Take the money printing device out of the hands of the one percent and return it to Congress. At least the people will have more transparency that way. Right now, what the Fed does is kept secret. If Congress must print money, let it be similar to Lincoln's greenbacks and don't charge interest. Print up money that's commensurate with economic production and make sure that money doesn't go to private banks only.

2. Debt jubilee including wiping off all college debt from the books. A total restart of the economy without income taxes. That means cutting government drastically. Let's have more power to local and state governments instead of the bloated central government leviathan that wants to make all our decisions for us. Make social security payments voluntary. End Obamacare. End lobbyists. Break up the big insurance companies and big pharma. Make medical care competitive so prices drop naturally.

3. Return to real money; gold and silver as ordained in our Constitution.

4. End all the free trade agreements and make sure Americans come first. If that means tariffs, so be it. If that means ending illegal immigration and ending the 'sanctuary' from the cities, so be it. We either have laws that apply to everyone or we don't have laws. Stop union busting and stop under-the-table cheap labor. Let's get fair wages again so American families can survive.

5. End foreign intervention and end the wars. The U.S. should stop trying to be an empire. End the ridiculous war on drugs altogether.


I have an exclusive interview with the young Nazi, Andrew Anglin!

Stay tuned. He's told me a lot of juicy insider info!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Trump Slays the Dragon of Political Correctness

One of the reasons for Trump’s popularity is he speaks from the heart and not a teleprompter. He doesn’t need a script and he’s not afraid to speak bluntly. Most of all, he’s not afraid of 'political correctness.' He’s not afraid to say “Merry Christmas” or call illegal immigration ‘illegal.’ He’s for respecting our laws, which includes closing down the currently wide open borders. For that he’s called a nut and a racist and a hater and all sorts of things. He doesn’t care.

For too long we’ve been subjected to cynical, pre-packaged political robots who are installed to further the agenda of globalists at the top. They buy out and own the politicians. Well, Trump can’t be bought out. He’s already rich. Lobbyists will not be able to control him. Personal scandals? He’s fearless. His life is already an open book. We know about his marriages and affairs and it doesn’t matter. Because instead of walking delicately on politically correct eggshells, he fearlessly stomps his feet and says “Enough!” He wants to stop exporting jobs overseas. He wants to stop making crappy deals such as the one Obama and Kerry just made with Iran—a deal that didn’t even return American captives. A deal that allows Iran to do their own inspecting. Deals where we give our leverage away for nothing while giving billions back to a country bent on hating America and destroying Israel. I doubt Trump would have made that deal.

Trump is used to dealing and getting things done. Telling blunt truths is apparently is not politically correct in either party, but so be it. Many Americans find Trump’s approach to be very refreshing—including me! --Ben Garrison

The original drawing of the cartoon is for sale on eBay. Hand colored!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hillary Treated State Secrets with Bathroom Humor

Can there be any doubt that Hillary Clinton isn't competent to be president of anything? Richard Nixon's ghost must be whispering in her ear..."Just tell them you're not a crook and erase the tapes--er, your server!"

This woman is a traitor who has grossly disrespected her duties and her country. She needs prison, not the presidency. Thanks to Lewis C. for his cartoon contribution.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The March of Hillary

I got this idea from one of my own cartoons--"The March of Tyranny."

Hillary should be marched to prison, not the presidency. For years she has gotten away with scandals, including Whitewater, Travelgate, Benghazi and now she has obviously committed treasonous acts including letting state secrets go to other countries in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations as well as erasing evidence of top secret material from her private and largely unprotected server. Classified state material had no business being on 'her' server in the first place.

If she’s elected, her arrogance, her sense of entitlement and her criminality will get even worse. --Ben Garrison

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Shostakovich Symphony No.5 in D minor, Op.47 - 3. Largo (part 1)

Some have complained that the tempo is too slow here. Nope! That's why they call it a 'largo.' Petrenko is a genius. He brings out the dark poetry in this symphony that other conductors might gloss over. He has also taken an extremely unique approach to the ending. Critics have complained that the finale is the weak link in the symphony. Not any more. While already a masterpiece and perhaps Shostakovich's most popular symphony, Petrenko has unified it and made it whole. He is an amazing conductor.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Christie and Paul Go Toe to Toe

I had some extra time today so I decided to crank out a Rand Paul cartoon. He had a truculent exchange with Christie that I found amusing. Unfortunately Fox News gave Paul the least amount of time of any of the candidates. Just like they did his dad.

I think Rand should lay off Trump, however. Knocking Trump only seems to make him stronger!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Star Trek Memories

When I was a kid long, long ago...age favorite TV show was "Star Trek." Yes, I saw the original show as it aired. My grumpy dad never watched TV aside from an occasional baseball or football game, but he did watch "Star Trek" with us kids. We're talking 1967-68 here, folks.

The show resonates in my memory and yes, I'm a big fan. Of the original series, that is. The later ones seemed too politically correct to me aside from a few episodes (Borg, etc). I got bored with all the spinoffs and didn't watch many of them.

Here are, in my opinion, the top 10 episodes of the original Trek episodes ranked in order. I like a great deal more, but if I had to boil them down to the top ten, well, here they are.

My favorite one has always been "The Doomsday Machine." It was also one of James Doohan's favorites. He showed up for a talk on my college campus during the late 1970s (the ballroom was packed) and he showed it as the sample film.

1. "Doomsday Machine." Episode 35
This one had it all. Superlative action. Scotty saving the day. Last minute dramatics. Masterful acting (especially from William Windom as Commodore Decker). This is the quintessential episode.

2. "Mirror Mirror" Episode 33
A fascinating look at an alternate universe. If some physicists have it correct, there may be endless variations of realty and part of the Enterprise crew encounters one of them. I like how Captain Kirk handles his unexpected girlfriend, but mostly, he cares about doing the right thing in ALL universes. Hence he takes the time to point out to the bearded Spock that he is illogical for participating with an unviable Empire. Some of William Shatner's best acting. There's another episode that I like, "The Spector of the Gun" that foreshadowed "The Matrix." Star Trek was definitely ahead of its time.

3. "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" Episode 70
Tremendous acting by Frank Gorshin (I have an autographed photo) and Lou Antonio. Gorshin should have won an Emmy for his performance. In the end, both the half white and half black residents of Cheron reveal their bigotry and contempt for humans. ("You useless pieces of bland flesh; Monocolored trash! You monotone humans are all alike," etc.). Shatner's last line is spoken with complete and abject, sad resignation. Great episode.

4. "This Side of Paradise" Episode 24
Jill Ireland (lovely) and Nimoy are wonderful in this episode. Their acting is terrific. It's a typical 'Star Trek' episode in that it shows that paradise and/or utopia is always untenable. Humans just aren't suited for it. Spock doesn't have much to say about the experience except that, for the first time in his life, he was 'happy.'

5. "The City on the Edge of Forever" Episode 28
This is Shatner's all-time favorite episode and it's commonly considered to be THE best episode in 'Star Trek.' Joan Collins played her role perfectly. It's filled with great acting and the plot is pure genius. At the end Kirk used the word 'hell' for the first time on network TV as in, "Let's get the hell out of here."

6. "Space Seed" Episode 22
Ricardo Montabahan stole the show. He was 47 at the time, but looked like he was in his 30s. He would, of course, revise his role in one of the best 'Star Trek' movies. This is always considered one of the best episodes and it is.

7. "The Way to Eden" Episode 75
This is rarely considered to be one of the top episodes, but it's one of mine. Dr. Sevrin looks and sounds exactly like my older brother (without the large ears). "This stuff you breathe. This stuff you live in...the shields of artificial atmosphere that we have layered about every planet. The programs in those computers that run your ship and your lives for've bred what my body carries. That's what your science have done to me. You've INFECTED me!" Charles Napier as "Adam" is great in this. He was actually a good singer and performed all the songs himself and, in fact, he co-wrote the music.

8. "Errand of Mercy" Episode 26 
I like this episode not only because of the surprise ending, but mostly because of the man who played the Klingon commander, Kor. (John Colicos). "I hope you continue to savor the sweetness of your life. You disGUST me!"--Commander Kor

9 "Who Morns for Adonais?" Episode 31
The Enterprise encounters a being who calls himself "Apollo." Michael Forrest plays the needy Greek god and it has a very sad ending. Forrest has recently revised his role and appears as a much older Apollo in an extremely good remake that I recently discovered:

10. "All Our Yesterdays" Episode 78
Spock goes back in time thousands of years and gets it on with Mariette Hartley ("Zarabeth"). Ian Wolfe is marvelous as the librarian, Mr. Atoz (A-to-Z) as is Kermit Murdoch (great, great actor). This is a very memorable episode and the remade special effects aren't really needed until the ending. For some reason, I especially like seeing the planet Sarpeidon being obliterated by its star's nova at the very end.

--Ben Garrison

Megyn Kelly Cartoon For Sale

The "Trump vs. Fox News" cartoon I drew the other day struck a chord. On the Facebook grrrgraphics and Ben Garrison cartoons pages, we saw a tremendous number of likes and shares. Over 6,000 likes and five hundred shares, in fact.

This particular cartoon was done in separate pieces and assembled in Photoshop. I don't do all my cartoons that way--just sometimes. Megyn Kelly was drawn separately and I've decided to auction that cartoon off on eBay. The starting bid is only $9.99, so you may be able to snag one of my signed originals for a very low price. I'll pay for shipping.


The drawing is in India ink with colored pencil added. It's 14x17 on quality bristol paper. 

I'm also going to be selling some of my original cartoons on my newly redesigned site soon. Prices will be reasonable. --Ben Garrison

Megyn Kelly barking at Trump

Also, I've decided to sell a few of my cartoons on my site. People have said that I 'make a living' from cartooning. Nothing can be further from the truth. I've sold a handful of signed prints for a low price and that's it. The cartoons cost me money and time--and then the trolls ruin them and that has helped cost me my reputation. Anyway, I'll see if I can sell anything to help ends meet. Here's the first example--I'm offering to personalize and sign this to anyone who is interested in sending me the asking price ($100):

Friday, August 07, 2015

Get off the Stage, Fox News!

First of all: I’m not necessarily endorsing Trump. It’s just that the more he’s attacked by the neocon conservatives who run the Republican party, the more I want to root for him. Last night was example. All the other candidates fielded standard ‘presidential’ questions while Trump was mercilessly attacked—especially from Megyn Kelly. It was painfully obvious what she was doing—she had her marching orders from the neocons to make Trump look bad. Instead, Fox News looked bad. More credibility lost from the mainstream media. 

Meanwhile, “La Raza” praised Bush’s performance. “The Race” of course, wants to erase the borders and create ‘Aztlan,’ and Jeb Bush is willing to accommodate them. After all, it’s part of his daddy’s ‘New World Order.’ The elite want a North American Union. Trump doesn’t want that and so he is attacked as being ‘racist.’ Poppycock. Again, it makes me like Trump because he’s had enough of political correctness. It’s not ‘racist’ to want the borders to be controlled for one’s own country. We see what happens when all sorts of unsavory criminals are dumped by Mexico into the U.S. Terrible crimes are committed and they get away with those crimes due to our ‘sanctuary cities.’

Let’s see what happens when the neocons begin stealing the primaries from Trump. I have a feeling Trump won’t be as quiescent about that as Ron Paul was.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Obama, the LIAR

Obama says he's rebuilding the economy. LIE
Obama says he's bringing troops home. LIE
Obama says he cares about 'the children.' LIE
Obama says it's so because 'science tells us.' Those scientists are bought out to tell you what they want told.
Obama says the greatest threat is 'climate change.' LIE

The greatest threat is Fukushima, which he doesn't mention because he's bought out by big globalist corporations and they want it hushed up.

He wants climate change to further shut down our economy. It will be in alignment with Agenda 21 and carbon taxes. Destroying the coal industry helps accomplish that as well as raise electricity rates for tapped-out Americans. Americans will now be asked to pay for breathing.

Obama is a colossal liar...everything that spews from his lying lips is a filthy lie. Hey Obama, if you want to limit carbon releases, shut your lying mouth.