Monday, August 27, 2018

McCain Dies

"On his way to becoming a North Vietnamese ace [McCain], the aviator lost 3 expensive aircraft on routine, non-combat flights. Little was made of all that, because he was, you know, the son and grandson of admirals.

McCain’s most horrendous loss occurred in 1967 on the USS Forrestal. Well, not horrendous for him. The starter motor switch on the A4E Skyhawk allowed fuel to pool in the engine. When the aircraft was “wet-started,” an impressive flame would shoot from the tail. It was one of the ways young hot-shots got their jollies. Investigators and survivors took the position that McCain deliberately wet-started to harass the F4 pilot directly behind him. The cook off launched an M34 Zuni rocket that tore through the Skyhawk’s fuel tank, released a thousand pound bomb, and ignited a fire that killed the pilot plus 167 men. Before the tally of dead and dying was complete, the son and grandson of admirals had been transferred to the USS Oriskany."

1. On July 29, 1967, the spoiled brat McCain pulled a prank and wet started his jet as while aboard the USS Forrestal. His mother lovingly called him a ‘scamp’ and it was well known he was a practical joker and rule breaker. He finished near rock bottom in a class of over 800 at Annapolis because he tried to break every rule in the book there while also making terrible grades. Such a prank befits his character. The huge flame created touched off a bomb on the plane behind him which led to more bombs going off from other parked planes, which then led to the deaths of 134 sailors. McCain did nothing to help during the fire. He quickly jumped ship and was later transferred to another carrier. He didn't even ask permission to leave because he was protected by his father and grandfather who were both Navy admirals. The Deep State Swamp media has since tried to cover this up. They protect their own.

UPDATE--I caught a lot of flak for the first one. Even some people who hate McCain like I do, they told me the facts show he did not cause the Forrestal fire. I'm not so sure. The captain was friends with his McCain's admiral father and they could have covered it up. Admiral McCain was also instrumental in the Gulf of Tonkin lie. That said, I admit I could be wrong. REGARDLESS--McCain acted like a guilty man. He quickly left the ship with a reporter aboard a helicopter. He did this without permission and told the reporter he needed some "R and R." So he spent several days in Saigon sipping on scotch and sodas. He missed the memorial for his dead shipmates. If he wasn't guilty, he certainly ACTED like he was guilty!

2. He was not a hero. Getting shot down and captured may make him a victim, but not a hero. He probably didn’t pay attention during a training class, and so he didn’t pull in his arms when he ejected over North Vietnam--and that’s why they were broken. His captors knew he was the progeny of four star admirals and if anything gave him special treatment. McCain begged for medical treatment and sang like a bird at the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ to get it. He gave up vital intelligence that led to the deaths of more aviators.

Here you can hear song bird McCain's Hanoi recording just after the 3 minute mark. This recording was used to demoralize his fellow prisoners.He in no way deserved the silver star.

3. Upon his return to America he immediately stabbed his wife in the back. She was badly injured in a car accident and he couldn’t be bothered to help her. Instead, he quickly dumped her and married a wealthy heiress who could fund his political career. People get divorced all the time, but the manner in which he proceeded only underscores his cold-hearted selfishness. Once in Congress he became embroiled in the Keating 5 scandal. He soon learned the ropes about pleasing the Deep State, which helped him cover up his past.

4. He’s painted as a happy and brave ‘Maverick’ and strong ‘Independent’ by the Deep State media. Wrong. He was a jackass of major proportions. The ‘Warrior’ of the Senate was owned by the Deep State and George Soros in particular. McCain became a shill for open borders who also supported globalism and carbon taxes to fight ‘climate change.’ At the same time, he was the worst enemy of military veterans, whom he left mistreated and in the lurch. Now there’s a bill in Congress meant to provide aid for vets and they want to name it after their ‘hero,’ McCain. Disgusting.

5. He supported Bush in the Iraq war, even though the entry into that quagmire was based on lies. McCain claimed we would stay there 100 years if necessary. Such stubbornness and war mongering combined with his flash-temper only highlight the fact that he should have been nowhere near the nuke button. McCain was a reckless ‘hot head’ 

6. He was a spoiled and entitled brat who was repeatedly backed and bailed out at every turn by his pappy and grand pappy. He should never have been admitted into Annapolis in the first place. He should have been kicked out of Annapolis for his outrageous and rebellious behavior. He crashed a total of five military aircraft. He loved partying more than flying. He should have been kicked out of the Navy for crashing several jets during his daredevil clowning. He should have been no where near the Senate. The NeoCons rigged the primaries for McCain who contemptuously laughed at Ron Paul during the debates. He should have been nowhere near the Republican nomination, but the Deep State wanted McCain, the reckless ‘hot head’ to lose to Obama. He chose Sarah Palin has his running mate and years later blamed her for his loss. The hot head backstabber never took responsibility for his actions. 

7. He displayed great contempt for his constituents while showing his arrogance and hatred for America by never bothering to resign from the Senate when he knew he had terminal brain cancer. He wanted to go to the grave with his power, thus depriving Arizona from representation.

8. He made sure trade restrictions were softened with Vietnam and hailed as a forgiving man of peace. Wrong! He did it so he could get his Budweiser distributorship there. He was first in line to make money from such legislation. The lust for money and power ruled rule-breaker McCain.

9. He supported ISIS terrorists and wanted us to start another war in Syria, which might have lead to World War III. McCain was not a ‘maverick.’ He was an establishment war-mongering stooge and enabler for the Deep State.

10. He leaked Hillary’s paid-for pack of lies, the Steele Dossier, to James Comey, in an attempt to bring down President Trump. This was illegal, but hey—he’s John McCain! Instead of showing remorse he said, "Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell! A faux conservative, he voted against his own party and President Trump when he could—including his vote to keep ObamaCare. The lying back stabber McCain became much loved and he’s now being profusely praised by the Deep State Swamp and its propaganda media. That only proves what a scum bag he truly was.

Good riddance to the bad rubbish who was John McCain.

—Ben Garrison

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

"South Africa's White Harvest"

Will South Africa become Zimbabwe 2.0?

When Zimbabwe's Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe confiscated the land of white farmers, disaster ensued. The country was once a breadbasket, but after the white farmers were chased out, agriculture collapsed. The economy was ruined. Inflation ran rampant. Zimbabweans began to starve and food aid became necessary. Mugabe is notorious for his anti-white racism. He once stated, “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.”

Similar anti-white hatred is being expressed by black political figures in South Africa. Many are communists.

To me, the biggest problem is the communism. It always leads to deleterious results--but when it’s combined with racism, it quickly leads to genocide. Far too many South African white farmers have already been brutally murdered. The details are horrific. The local police have been sluggish. South Africa has an alarming murder rate and only 10 percent of the cases are solved. It is estimated that one out of three men in South Africa have committed rape. HIV is rampant. Politicians are corrupt. For an excellent description of what has been happening, watch Lauren Southern’s excellent documentary:

Stefan Molyneux has also produced several excellent reports about Mandela and South Africa:

Unfortunately, any time white people complain about black crime, accusations of white racism or even cries of “Nazism" soon follow. Southern and Molyneux are truth tellers and not racists, but New Zealand wouldn't even allow them to speak there. The ‘mainstream’ media in America have finally begun to allude to the problems in South Africa, even as they continue to tout Mandela and his ‘rainbow’ country. Mandela was a communist and began his ‘struggle’ against apartheid with bombings. Mandela’s wife praised the practice of ‘necklacing.’ Blacks who refused to join Mandela were forced to wear car tires sloshed with gasoline. They were then burned alive.

Yet Mandela became an icon. Obama gushed praise for him in a speech that took place during his trip to Africa. In fact, Obama considers the terrorist Mandela to be one of his ‘mentors.’ Another mentor for Obama was the communist Frank Marshall Davis. But I digress. Obama also showered praise on South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who replaced the incredibly corrupt Jacob Zuma. Ramaphosa amassed hundreds of millions of dollars through the ‘Employment Equity Act of 1998" and the “Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment act of 2003." Thus empowered, he stole or otherwise took over white businesses. He now enjoys sitting on the board of many white-owned companies in South Africa. In the name of equality, Ramaphosa is become fabulously equal.

Upon taking office, Ramaphosa stated, The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate the redistribution of land to black South Africans.” He may be coy about its implementation, but even more radical politicians are not. Andile Mngxtama of “Black First, Land First,” said “We are already at war. Everything you (whites) own is ours!" 

The black majority rules South Africa now. The African National Congress will change laws to legally enable them so seize land from white farmers and do it without compensation. This will not end well. Russia and Australian have offered to take in some white South African refugees. Curiously, Canada’s Trudeau will not. Maybe he thinks it’s racist to help oppressed white people. Regardless, leaving is a luxury many South African whites do not have, and that’s very ominous as the country devolves into chaos and tyranny.

—Ben Garrison

Friday, August 10, 2018


Harry Litman teaches constitutional law at the University of California at San Diego and practices law at the firm Constantine Cannon. He was U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania from 1998 to 2001.
Even as special counsel Robert S. Mueller III marches forward with his prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and as the case that President Trump engaged in criminal conduct grows stronger


 the president and his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani continue their tango about whether the president will deign to answer questions from Mueller’s team.
Said Giuliani on the possibility of an interview: “If they can come to us and show us the basis and that it’s legitimate and that they have uncovered something, we can go from there and assess their objectivity.” Giuliani added to his list of prerequisite demands that he wants to know about the origins of the FBI probe before agreeing to some form of interview. Then on Wednesday, Giuliani announced that the president’s team issued yet another counter-proposal to Mueller, declining to specify the terms.
So if Mueller can prove the legitimacy of his case, and if Giuliani and Trump conclude it’s objective, and if they receive sufficient information about the probe’s origins, then they might consider answering some questions in writing.


Mueller has been extraordinarily deferential and patient while Trump and his representatives engaged in their scarcely credible gamesmanship. 


Notwithstanding Giuliani’s representations that Trump is pawing the stall (WTF?!) eager to submit to an interview under oath, it has become increasingly apparent that neither Trump nor anyone in his orbit has any interest in his answering Mueller’s questions. In a word, they are playing Mueller, and in the process, playing the country. WRONG-O, IT IS THE DEEP STATE SWAMP THAT IS DOING THE PLAYING!

Mueller surely recognizes this, but he likely has resisted forcing the issue into court for a combination of practical and legal reasons, BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE HAS NO CASE, MORON! including the months-long delay a court resolution would require and the need to show every possible respect to the office of the president (if not its officeholder). YOU HATE TRUMP AND SMEAR HIM--THAT'S WHAT THIS PIECE IS ALL ABOUT!

Trump’s intransigence raises the prospect that Mueller will need to submit his report to Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein with no input from the president. This is simply an unacceptable resolution for a probe of this gravity. WHAT GRAVITY? IT'S A CREATION OF DEEP STATE ANTI-TRUMPERS! Mueller’s mission is not just to investigate and charge crimes. NO CRIME COMMITTED BY THE PRESIDENT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WISH IT! It is also to determine what happened. YOUR BELOVED TRAITOR OBAMA AND CROOKED HILLARY ILLEGALLY GOT A FISA WARRANT PUSHED THROUGH BASED ON LIES! Indeed, he is the country’s only hope for some clear picture of the facts. As the recently released tapes of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) makes clear, congressional Republicans are determined to avoid any serious investigation, and the media can probe only so far.
A stunning feature of the drama Trump has inflicted on the country NO, HILLARY AND DEEP STATE CRIMINALS INFLICTED THIS DRAMA UPON US, YOU IDIOT! is that we have become inured to daily dishonesty of an unprecedented sweep and magnitude. YOU BLAME TRUMP FOR WHAT THE DEEP STATE SWAMP IS DOING DAILY We acquiesce, or at least cease to push back against, the argument that lying to the media and public is no crime. TRUMP/RUSSIA COLLUSION IS THE LIE AND THE CRIME IS THE FBI AND OBAMA ILLEGALLY SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN!
Consider, though, the consequences of the president’s denials and obfuscations on issue after issue in this probe (combined with the cravenness of congressional Republicans). Trump’s successful dodging would leave a permanent hole in the historical record, particularly on a hostile foreign power’s attempt to influence our elections. UNPROVEN--BULLSHIT LIES~! There will be no future David Frost interviews to fill in the facts, and if there were, we could never believe them anyway. TRUMP IS NOT NIXON AND THE REAL SCANDAL IS FROM DEMOCRATS TRYING TO BRING ABOUT  A COUP AGAINST A LAWFULLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT! THE DOINGS OF HILLARY, OBAMA AND THE CORRUPT FBI ARE FAR WORSE THAN NIXON'S WATERGATE SCANDAL!
It is true, of course, that Trump could respond to a subpoena by invoking his Fifth Amendment rights. He is not legally required to fill in Mueller’s case for him. But that act would speak volumes to the country, while subjecting the president to historical ignominy. YOU DON'T GET TO PAINT HISTORY, CHUCKLEHEAD! And there is no constitutional reason it shouldn’t: We are not an impaneled jury, but a citizenry entitled to know whether the president committed crimes and conspired with a hostile foreign power to try to swing the election.
It is also conceivable that the Supreme Court could agree with the president to quash the subpoena, but it is highly unlikely. Precedents in the cases of presidents Nixon and Clinton strongly indicate the subpoena would be enforceable. And it is in the interest of the country to get a definite resolution of the question from the Supreme Court in any event.
Assuming Trump contested the subpoena, it would take months to reach the Supreme Court, even on an expedited basis. But Mueller’s probe has longer than that to go with respect to matters other than obstruction, so it wouldn’t extend the overall investigation. It would mean that the obstruction report would not be delivered by November, thereby leaving the probe to hang over Republicans during midterm elections. But that probably would be — and certainly should be — ascribed to Trump’s resistance to lawful process.

In any event, the long-term stakes are too high to permit Trump’s obduracy to win the day. TRUMP HAS ALREADY WON BECAUSE TRUTH IS ON HIS SIDE! He needs to be brought to heel RULE OF LAW THAT OBAMA AND HILLARY ROUTINELY BROKE, YOU HEEL! by the rule of law and provide some answers, under oath, and there is no good reason to wait any longer to initiate the process. UTTER BUNK, YOU LYING, LEFTIST POLITICAL HACK!

--Ben Garrison

The Demonization of Alex Jones

In a shameful article from the left-leaning CNBC, we read about the 'dark side of untrammeled discourse' (they want censorship and trammeling) as well as the dangerous 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones, whom they smear as a 'right-wing provocateur.'

What they're doing is excusing Silicon Valley for blatantly censoring the free speech of a patriot and journalist who informed of us real conspiracies--not conspiracy 'theories.' The Deep State, the Bilderbergs, and fluoride in our water are only a few examples of such 'theories.' They're now established facts.

The fact of the matter is the Deep State and the oligarchs that run things continue to lose control of the dialogue and people are dismissing their narrative of globalism. It's their game and they want to keep their private monopoly and control of minds.

Since they're LOSING the argument they're now resorting to gross censorship. Lefty media outlets such as CNN, "The Washington Post" and CNBC are applauding this assault on our First Amendment. The latter published piece that refers to Jones, which can be read here:

Notice how they added insults into their story---as if to suggests conservatives are violent 'Nazis,' murderers and rapists. This is despicable and a disgusting example of editorial reporting.

That all got dicier once the election of President Donald Trump focused new attention on fake news and organized misinformation campaigns — not to mention the fact that some of the people grabbing these new social-media megaphones were wild conspiracy theories who falsely call mass shootings a hoax, white nationalists who organize violent rallies and men who threaten women with rape and murder.
Shame on all the censors from Silicon Valley and the legacy media who want to control what used to be free speech on social media.

--Ben Garrison