Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The TSA is a harbinger of a police state. Choose to get a radiation dose and a detailed nude scan or 'opt out' for an embarrassing grope by a TSA thug? No thank you to both. It's bad enough we have to take our shoes off as well as our belts and shuffle along on dirty airport floors trying to hold up our pants as well as our dignity. TSA has declared war on dignity. Americans need to draw a line here. Chertoff, former 'Department of Homeland Security' head made sure the scanners were bought so he could profit handsomely from the sale. It's time to put him in prison. It's time to tell 'Big Sis' Napolitano that's it's not OK to completely strip human dignity from Americans in the name of fear. It's time to stand up for our fourth amendment.

Here's a cartoon I drew today (click to enlarge) that sums up what's happening. I am trying to develop a site and that's why the tagline is on the cartoon. I hope to have the site ready soon--it looks like it will be done by this weekend sometime.