Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year from GrrrGraphics!

“Trump New Year”

Like an Indiana Jones character, Trump heroically cut his way through the perilous Jungle of Lies in 2016. He is now on a clear trail in 2017.

He left behind two battered, corrupt parties that represented the status quo. Their rigging of the game has prevailed for far too long. They made sure their chosen candidates were aligned with big government collectivism and political correctness. Democrat or Republican, whoever won the presidency did the bidding of their globalist masters.

Not any more. Even though Trump ran as a Republican, he’s more of a nationalist, populist candidate who wants to put America first.

To stop Trump, the globalist forces also revealed themselves. Their owned the mainstream media showed themselves to be smearing shills by hurling insults and fakery rather than real journalism. Hillary has been defeated. She can barely walk right now. The chances of her running in 2020 seem remote at best. Soros is hurting. The special snowflakes are melting. Obama is desperate to protect his legacy of destruction. Using the holidays as a distraction, he snuck in a vile law designed to thwart our First Amendment and return control of the narrative to the fake mainstream media. It won’t work.

We’re now on the trail to restoring America. Happy new year from all of us at!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas from GrrrGraphics!

Thanks to everyone who made 2016 a successful year for us.

Thanks to Stefan Molyneaux for having me on his Christmas show:

--Ben Garrison

Monday, December 19, 2016

The New Bitter Clingers:

Barack Obama once insulted Americans as being ‘bitter clingers.’ He said they clung to their guns, religion and anti-immigration sentiment as a way to express their frustrations. Hillary later referred to such Americans as ‘deplorable.’ These out of touch statements foreshadowed the election of Trump, because it revealed Hillary and Obama’s contempt for roughly fifty percent of Americans. It showed how the elite were actively working against those Americans who still want freedom and the Constitution. Hillary and Obama instead promoted gun control, an open hemisphere and bigger government.

The globalist oligarchy, including their corporate media arms, have now become the bitter clingers. They continue to lose power and influence and they can’t stand it. The fake news mainstream media have been revealed to be nothing but shrill propaganda organs. People are going elsewhere to find the truth. The status quo politicians are desperately clinging to power and making fools of themselves. Their ridiculous conspiracy theories only prove how out of touch they are with reality.

Their tantrums even include talk of a coup against a lawfully elected president. Their attempt to bully certain electors from the Electoral College will not work. Their emotional blubbering and drama only underscores what they really are. They’re collectivist bitter clingers who are desperate. They're spoiled brats who were allowed to get away with their bad behavior for far too long. Times are a-changin’!

Keep on clinging, bitter ones.

— Ben Garrison

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mother Bakes a Cake:

Janet Yellen and the Feds raised the interest rates again. After crying the rate hike wolf for nearly a year, she finally raised rates by another quarter point while promising more hikes to come in 2017. Rates weren’t raised sooner because they probably wanted to protect the stock market under Obama. The Fed protects their own because they want globalism and collectivism. That means most Americans get poorer while the central bankers and their elite friends get stupendously richer. 

Quantitative easing never ended, it simply went underground. The Fed does as it pleases. There is no accountability—not really. The stock market bubble was pumped up to insane proportions without benefitting citizens who can’t afford stocks. Over 50 percent of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. (If they can get a paycheck). The perma-bull market has mostly benefited the global corporations and central bankers who own most of the stock market. The elite prints money for themselves—to hell with lending it out to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, they claim a perpetually rising stock market as ‘proof’ that Obama is doing a great job.

Wrong. Mr. 'Hope and Change' helped drive up the debt by nearly 10 trillion dollars while telling everyone the economy was improving and happy days were here again. Obama’s so-called strong economy is based on data distorted by the government itself. It has been based on lies. The employment numbers do not count those who have given up. Too many workers are stuck in low-wage service jobs. The GDP number always comes in high with great hoopla and then it is quietly downgraded. Housing starts are bad. Few can afford a home even with low rates. College grads are burdened with outrageous debt because colleges and banks colluded to get richer. The bankers sell the future in order to immediately pocket their ill-gotten gains, which means young people can’t find work and must move back in with their parents. Real wages haven’t risen in decades. Inflation is apparent at supermarkets. Prices go up while packages get smaller. 

Regardless, Yellen and those running the show must pretend that everything is A-OK and improving. That means they must prove it by raising rates. To keep the bankers afloat they really should be going to negative interest rates, but they know that would attract the torch and pitchfork crowd. Instead, they are trying to make their ivory tower game of make believe a reality. 

The problem with this is the debt. Every time the rates are raised, it will make that debt that much more difficult to service. Consider this—if you had $50,000 in credit card debt at a zero percent interest rate, you may be able to manage it. However, rising rates means you must sell things to make the payment. Stocks, for example. Raising interest rates could collapse the stock market. Perhaps this is their real goal—they want to blow things up so they can blame it on Trump.

Janet Yellen thinks it’s extremely important to protect the Fed’s “Independence.” Of course she does. They don’t want the scrutiny of an audit. They don’t want to answer to We the People. When Fed chairmen speak to Congress, they use grandiose language to prove how smart they are. They aren’t. They’re con artists. The Federal Reserve was created out of conspiracy, and now those private bankers want to protect their private printing press which not only prints up debt currency out of thin air—it also prints up power. They’re able to buy out politicians and the corporate media.

It’s time to end the Fed and return the power of money creation and its management back to Congress as stated in our Constitution. 

Ben Garrison

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trump Sweeps Clean

President Trump needs to sweep away the corruption that has been allowed to build up for far too long. It won’t be an easy task, but Trump has a mandate. If the illegal votes cast for Hillary are taken away, then Trump would have also won the popular vote.

The status quo in both parties got way too comfortable in their globalist ivory towers. They expected Hillary vs. Jeb. Either winner would have continued Obama’s script. That is, the quest for globalism by means of false flags, fear and the confiscation of our remaining freedoms.
The elitists didn’t think they needed to listen to the working people, whose wages haven’t risen in decades. They took the people for granted and concentrated on their own echo chamber world. It’s an unaccountable world of big money and power. It’s a world of abject corruption. They consider themselves above the law and above morals. Many of them even practice satanism and run child sex rings.

The elite running the show never worried about losing. They owned the game and it was rigged in their favor. Their attitude was epitomized by Hillary’s smug and entitled face. She expected an easy coronation. All they had to do was get their mainstream media to spew the usual fake news, smears and mind control propaganda. The oligarchy thought they had it in the bag.

Instead, the citizens finally woke up to the scam. That’s why the globalist elite now want to shut down citizen muckrakers and whistle blowers on the Internet. They are demonizing alternative media. We need to brace ourselves for that.

Trump came along and swept away their grip on the presidency. He needs to keep on sweeping. —Ben Garrison

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Mount Trumpmore:

I'm trying to make living as a cartoonist, which is no easy feat. I knew it would be difficult, but with the help of my wife Tina, we are making some headway. I've also accepted commissions for cartoons. I've received several commissions from Internet personalities and they have been terrific. (They know who they are). They've always paid me right away.

Some of my customers have been, let's say, less reliable. One wanted a cartoon featuring his four favorite heroes on Mount Rushmore. They included Trump, Benjamin Franklin, Curtis LeMay and "Kelly" Johnson. The featured aircraft includes Trump's 757, LeMay's B-52 and B-29 as well as Kelly's SR-71.

My commissioner loved the cartoon he requested, but once he got the proof, I was subsequently ignored. All attempts to collect what I was owed failed. I assume he was happy with printing out a low-res copy for his wall. The good news is we still sold the original cartoon at a good price at auction. So someone has a nicely-drawn bona fide, original Ben Garrison cartoon! Many thanks to that buyer.

Here is the cartoon:

Saturday, December 03, 2016

l'erreur Fran├žaise?

One of my cartoons made it into a popular French magazine. Their headline refers to cartoonists revolting against the election of Donald Trump. Mine is the lone 'positive' one, which is curious.

It occurred to me that perhaps they thought I was being negative and that I was on the side of the cannons and cannon balls. Nope!

What this collection also shows is the Statue of Liberty crying. That's perhaps the most over-used image in American cartooning. At least the one with Trump 'grabbing' her was more original.

--Ben Garrison

Thursday, December 01, 2016

It's a BIG CLUB. And you ain't in it!

George Carlin once famously joked, “It’s a Big Club. And YOU ain’t in it! You and I are not in the big club….”

Only he wasn’t joking. The ‘Big Club’ exists and they are unaccountable to the people outside of it. This private club of globalists came about because we allowed them to control our system of money. At first it was the Rothschilds who gained control of the banking houses of Europe. This notorious family funded both sides of wars and cleaned up. They funded governments and ended up controlling those governments. They tried to do the same for America. Alexander Hamilton was a stooge for European banking interests. He helped set up the first central bank to control our nation’s money. Andrew Jackson spent two terms throwing out the Rothschild snakes, and he succeeded. But the central bankers were persistent. We got the Federal Reserve foisted upon us in 1913 and the globalist bankers once again were in control. As a nation, we got poorer while we were saddled with endless war. To be sure, the very top of the pyramid continues to get stupendously richer, but that’s by design.

And now we have Trump. He was elected to drain the swamp. He may be our last hope to tip the Big Club over a cliff. He has expressed some interest in auditing the Federal Reserve. This is the first step in exposing their rampant corruption. First audit the Fed, then end the Fed. Trump also wants to bring good paying jobs back to America and close the wide open borders. The Big Club doesn’t want this.

Unfortunately Trump appointed Mnuchin, an ex-Goldman Sachs executive, as Secretary of Treasury. More ominously, Mnuchin once partnered with Soros. I would much rather have seen Ron Paul become Treasury Secretary, but perhaps Trump wants a few insiders in his cabinet in order to better deal with the powers that be. Trump said Mnuchin made some ‘amazing deals.’ Fine—as long as he’s willing to deal We The People in this time.

Maybe Trump wants such insiders because they know where the bodies are buried. That way he can better expose them. Can Mnuchin help bring back Glass Steagall and end the Big Club’s stranglehold on us? It remains to be seen, but if Trump continues to dine with Romney and others from the Big Club—and then does does their bidding, his feet will need to be held to the fire. Right now we can only hope that he is playing them off against one another.

Ben Garrison

P.S. I caught some flak for including the Queen of England. While she did voice some support for Brexit, critics are missing the point. She is definitely part of the 'Big Club' and represents the old blood lines who continue to want to dominate humanity. We Americans do not believe in royalty, nor should they have any sway over our country. She is also known to change her mind on news events. She was all for 'diversity' and welcoming immigrants.