Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I engaged in a wee bit of fun conversation and banter with the folks on 8chan/pol/ tonight. It was actually fun. Some of the kids there were smart and had some kind things to say. I'm encouraged.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

War Zone

You will see continued violence as the militarized police in this country continue to execute people. This is by design. The state (Big Government) likes to see us fighting each other. It's a great diversion and keeps us from seeing how we're slowly becoming serfs to the elite who run the show.

Here's a cartoon from my new book that illustrates how We the People are now 'enemy combatants.' Citizens have become the new 'terrorists.'

Still 'support the troops?' No? Well, then...you will be reeducated! Or killed.

See you later this summer at a nearby Walmart internment center. (Jade Helm).

--Ben Garrison

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cartoon preview from 'Rogue Cartoonist'

Here is a preview from my book. It shows how Internet trolls delight in dominating online discourse with their hate. However, they do not own social media and they have no right to spread their filth if it violates community standards.

My printed book is not commercially viable--it's just too darned expensive. I may pitch it to a Libertarian publisher and see if I can generate any interest. Also, there were quite a few typos--mostly in my cutlines that I wrote at the last minute. It's not my editor's fault--they're my fault. I looked at the darn things at least a half dozen times but I'm just an abysmal editor--there's no way 'round it so I will admit it and take the blame. Heck, I'm an artist, not a writer and I'm definitely not left-brained enough to catch the typos...even though I love words.

That said, I did make the fixes for my ebook which I hope to release as soon as I can. It will be reasonably priced and also include a couple of new cartoons.

--Ben Garrison

Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Rogue Cartoonist" is now for sale on Amazon.

My book is on Amazon. FINALLY. It has been quite an odyssey. Here are a few things I've learned:

1. I can spot good writing, but I'm not a good writer. My respect for 'real' writers has increased even more.

2. My book is self-published and I found out that printing a full color book (even one with a modest amount of pages) is fairly cheap to launch. There are now several 'print on demand' services out there. The problem is: Printing a COLOR book 'on demand' makes the book commercially unviable. It costs them a LOT to print color on demand. Standard paper back novels? No problem....and one can still make a decent royalty should it sell. Not mine...I will make only $2 per sale. I will give away more books than I'll sell. I've already accepted that fact.

3. A good editor is critical. Mine caught many errors and improved many things I would never have considered on my own. Don't try to publish your book without getting it edited.

4. Make sure you own your own ISBN number. At least I can still pitch the book to other publishers.

5. If you decide to self-publish, listen to the advice of others, but your own vision should be paramount. Don't write someone else's book.

6. I'm terrible with prepositions.

I'm the first one form my family to actually publish a book--even if some may say it's not 'really' published because it's a quasi-vanity press. I used 'Book Baby' and I was impressed by their quality. (or 'at' their quality?)

I may convert this to an ebook in few months. Thanks to Wally Rice for his advice on that!

Amazon does not have my book in stock. That's because they will be printed 'on demand.' That takes an extra few days...but again...the quality is every bit as good as a 'regular' book.


OH--one good thing about my book being so expensive: Internet trolls will NOT be able to afford it! So in a way, I win a Pyrrhic Victory!

P.S. Some of the chuckleheads on /pol/ are already calling for libel suits--before they've read the book. Their libel against me, however, is 'free speech!'  Or so they claim. It just further illustrates the duplicity and hypocrisy of Internet trolls.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pay Taxes: Government Has a Gun to Your Head

A friend of mine was trying to buy a house. He had the income. He had the down payment. He had good credit. The mortgage company turned him down flat. Why? Because he was smart and took a lot of deductions in order to avoid a complete fleecing by the IRS.

It seems that banks and mortgage companies have their marching orders from the global elite at the top who have stolen and then ruined our system of money: If you don't pay a lot in taxes, you're a bad boy! You MUST pay tribute to the people who own a printing press. You must pay to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Rothschilds and their minions. Otherwise you're not being a good slave!

My friend also has some gold and silver. His banker flatly told him that gold is not money despite the fact that gold has long been the money of choice for humans throughout thousands of years of human history. Gold has always been money. Silver and gold are named as money in our Constitution. A private clique of people--a banker cabal--hijacked our money system and enslaved us with their debt money. That’s why ‘note’ appears on paper bills. Note always means debt in the financial world. They want to wean people away from real money and get us all on their grid of electronic money. It's easier to track our purchases and also easier for them to seize our accounts at the flip of a switch if we do something they don't like.

They want us to be compliant with our enslavement. They want us to endorse our own slavery. As Russell Means once put it, "We're all on the reservation now." They want us all to be good Indians. We've all been conquered and they did it by hijacking our system of money. Now we see paper money being vilified. Cops routinely seize large sums of cash from motorists on the mere suspicion of it being 'drug money' when in fact the CIA and government operatives run and control the drugs. The big banks launder that money. Then they throw into prison those who abuse their product. They make even more money with their private prisons. 

What’s going on now is almost comical. The Fed is engaging in endless QEs and that money is going directly into the stock market and into the pockets of the 1/10th of 1 percent who own most of the corporations and stocks. Once we allowed the bankers to bail themselves out, it only encouraged them to print more and put it directly into their pockets. Congress is bought out--there is no restraint. There is nothing blocking their implementation of a police state short of an outright revolt by the American people.

It's clear that none of this ‘easing’ benefits the vast majority of Americans. In fact, it’s hurting the economy even more….but CNBC and the mainstream media (propaganda arms of the gubmint) will tell us everything is fine because the markets are going up. They’ll tell us unemployment is low because some poor slob managed to get a part time job flipping burgers at minimum wage. They’ve already sent our industrial base overseas…there few good paying jobs available. College grads are saddled with a lifetime of debt and are forced to live with their parents. They can't find jobs.

Our economy is now built on an edifice of lies and deceit. They know We the People are waking up to their con game and that’s why they’ll start a war to distract us and that’s also why they’re militarizing our police. They'll also continue to keep us distracted by left vs. right, donkey vs. elephant bullshit when in actuality, both parties work together to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of the people. They consider themselves to be the new barons, lords, earls, princesses and princes…we have become their serfs. Many of us wouldn't pay income taxes at ALL if not for the fact that we have to do it to keep our credit intact and 'prove' that we deserve a mortgage to get a house. Yet many are discarding that dream as well. Home starts are in decline. There are a lot of homes for sale that nobody can afford to buy. Meanwhile, rents are skyrocketing. American Dream has become the Impossible Dream thanks to the Federal Reserve Cabal.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

OK, it's back on: ROGUE CARTOONIST

My book will be published after all. Look for it on Amazon and elsewhere in a couple of weeks.

Bear in mind I have no publisher. I'm my own publisher. I had to fork over a small fortune to get a modest book filled with expensive color plates printed. I'd love to sell the book cheap, but it can't happen and I won't get much in the way of royalties, either. It's a money-losing venture. Then again, I never drew these cartoons to make money. I've lost a LOT of money doing them. I've lost a lot of time removing libel.

Thanks again to all of you who wrote me with your encouragement. If I can, I will send you a free signed copy after they're printed.

Monday, April 06, 2015

"Rogue Cartoonist"

I continue to receive email from young people who are encouraging me to publish my book. I am considering it. There are some very awake people of the younger generation out there who really do appreciate my cartoons. A few kind words from them makes it all worthwhile to me....and their encouragement cancels out all the discouragement and hate from the trolls.

I've already published my 'fine art' chapter on my blog. I was considering publishing other chapters...but now I will wait. I may release my book after all. To be sure, the trolls will deface whatever is published, but many people are now aware of their ruse, so their power to confuse people is waning.

Stay tuned....

Friday, April 03, 2015

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra (w young Louis Armstrong) - Sugar Foo...

The great thing about jazz is there are so many great versions. I have heard two later versions of "Sugar Foot Stomp," made famous by Fletcher Henderson, but I've never heard this very old version until now. It's terrific! Listen for Louis Armstrong on his trumpet....

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Ben Garrison, libertarian

I'm reposting this cartoon to help it gain some traction over the trolls' version. If you type in 'Ben Garrison cartoons,' the defaced version shows up and this authentic one does not. So--anyone typing my name + cartoons sees an ugly, anti-Semitic and disgustingly racist cartoon with my name affixed to it. It's libel and defamation, but hey--the trolls have the advantage. They are anonymous and can do whatever they want without any consequences whatsoever. They can destroy an honest man's reputation for shits and giggles. All I can do is counteract their attacks with the truth. Here's the truth right here: The original cartoon.

Another cartoon that the trolls love to destroy. THIS is the real one:

and this one

and this one too

another one