Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Speech vs. Justice

Someone contacted me about a 4chan post--on which I was vilified as being 'against free speech.' This is a common meme used against me by those who want to claim I'm not a Libertarian and that I'm a hypocrite and so forth. This is my response:

Ask your buddies this--would they be OK with pedophiles posting child porno on FaceBook? Would they be OK with images of grisly car wreck victims and/or dead kids on FB in order to allow some sadistic anon to get his jollies by tormenting grieving parents?

Would any of those anons on 4chan be OK with other anons stealing their real identity--their work, their photos and their name--and using it all to post offensive material--hijacked and vandalized material--which is then used to defame and harass others using such a doppelgänger...while at the same time making sure the person owning the real name gets all the flak? This is something Joshua Goldberg (now arrested) loved to do for years. It was his passion. His raison d'être. He was a mentally disturbed individual who loved to play 'red ant, black ant.' He enjoyed watching battles he set up. Andrew Anglin is also a troll and it's his main passion in life. He is enabled by his own father, Greg Anglin, a Christian 'mental health' counselor to do this. In essence, both Goldberg and Anglin are similar to the entity in a Star Trek episode titled "Day of the Dove." An entity thrived on seeing the Federation battle the Klingons and derived energy from the fear and hatred it had arranged to occur.

There were 10 instances of a doppelgänger pages set up on FB to defame me in 2014 alone. Goldberg probably had something to do with a few of them--he was very active on FB under the handle, "Moon Metropolis." He and other anonymous trolls enjoyed using my name, face and vandalized cartoons to libel me. In nearly every instance those pages were removed with great difficulty. The general public DOES get fooled. Potential clients ARE put off by it.

Oh, it's all just a harmless jape, huh? In my case the garbage made its way onto search engines. Andrew Anglin has a photo of me in a Nazi uniform that shows up first on Google. Easy to get rid of, right? Wrong. wants me to fork over $8 grand to remove just that ONE image. Google will remove it if I ask, huh? No...there's nobody to contact and it requires court orders/subpoenas just to start. Google does NOT show ultimate truth. It blindly delivers whatever is out there, but many think Google filters things and only shows absolute truth. Go after Andrew Anglin? People have no idea how difficult and expensive an online libel case can be. Most lawyers are not interested in such cases.

Free speech is great. Absolute free speech sounds even better, but that can create a lot of injustice. People get their reputations and careers ruined without recourse. Those who scream the loudest about wanting absolute free speech are usually anonymous. They don't usually start their OWN websites and use their REAL names and pay for it out of their OWN pockets.

Trolls do not own social media--Facebook and Twitter in particular. There are stated community standards there. Again, the trolls can always start their own sites and begin spewing their hatred, but most won't do that because it's cheaper, easier and more fun to utilize the anonymous FB bullhorn. That in and of itself is against policies. FB wants real names and faces--not fakes, but the anonymous trolls want a one-way street--that is, the ability to attack, harass, defame and bully others without taking any responsibility for their actions whatsoever.

They are unaccountable because they are, at heart, cowards. I put my own name on my own cartoons. I'm accountable and I've had a lot of manure shoveled my way because of it.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a cartoon I dashed out the other day. It's not just about those who us who suspect Obama may be a Muslim, but mostly because he's allowing in Syrian refugees without checking their backgrounds. Most of the refugees are not women and babies, but instead young men of military age. This will not lead to a good end. Basically, the cartoon was meant to be light and humorous. I have a lot more ideas cartoons--some are very weighty and serious.

Stay tuned and enjoy the holiday!

Oh--and a special thanks to all my Patreon members. After being trolled for years and having hateful things sent my's very heart-warming to have real fans who like my real work!


Sunday, November 22, 2015


Our president is a terrorist. At least, he seems to be allowing it into the country via the import of thousands of Syrian ‘refugees.’ Most of them are young men of military age. Many are radical muslims who are intolerant of any other culture or religion. Many seem to enjoy cutting off heads and blowing stuff up. 

We should have listened to Ron Paul and stayed out of Middle East turmoils. Instead Obama has decided to aid and support Syrian rebels, a group that spun off ISIS. So we are supporting a group from which ISIS came from and then we’re battling that same group in Iraq and elsewhere. Obama is also battling ISIS along with Russia because they are supporting Hassad and also battling ISIS while at the same time Obama wants to depose Hassad and risk WWIII with Russia and…well, it gets confusing, doesn’t it? 

It may all be intentional. By flooding Europe and the West with radical Muslims, division and conflict are created. We just saw the results in Paris. Now Obama wants to bring that hullabaloo to America. He’s of like-mind with the terrorists. America has neither the need nor obligation to import people from war-torn countries. There’s plenty of room in Saudi Arabia for them to go—but of course the Saudis say ‘No!’ In the Middle East, there is contstant strife. Shiites vs. Sunnis. Hezbollah vs. ISIS and Israel vs. Iraq and Palestinians vs. Israel and Russia and Assad vs. al Qaeda and Iran vs. Saudi Arabia…and then throw in the Kurds...well it goes on and on, doesn’t it? Obama wants to bring it here. Perhaps his masters want that to happen in order to break up countries, thus helping them to usher in globalism and a one-world religion—probably Islam. No thanks, Obama. Obama is most likely a Muslim himself. So, Obama…if you want to ‘welcome’ in people who want to blow us up, why not invite them to your place? Let them camp out on the White House lawn. YOU pay for their well-being. 

Oh—and you won’t be confiscating our guns before the end of your term, either. 

—Ben Garrison

Saturday, November 14, 2015

France: Suicide by Political Correctness

I dashed this cartoon out last night to show my Patreon members. One of them pointed out that the cartoon was done before. He was right--it had already been done before. It was an obvious idea and I should have done an Internet search first. I was rushing and didn't think about doing that. Regardless, mine features France and how political correctness has done them in.

They welcomed Muslims in and expected them to be 'just like us.' They also banned guns. They banned free speech. Nobody was allowed to criticize Islam without being called 'racist.'

This is the result. While many Muslims ARE peaceful, many are not. Stating this fact does not make me 'racist.' Besides, Islam is a religion, not a race! ISIS members do not want to assimilate. They aren't about to assimilate into western culture. They want to conquer. By force of arms or numbers. France has allowed this to occur. It's suicide by political correctness.

It's time to stop 'welcoming' millions of ISIS 'refugees' into Europe. Obama wants to import millions here, too. It won't turn out well. Multiculturalism and diversity sometimes end up in balkanized divisiveness. --Ben Garrison

SJWs Shut Me Up!

The tyrannical SJWs, who don't believe in criticism or free speech, have ganged up on me and shut down my Facebook page. Since my IP address is 'banned' for 24 hours as punishment....I can't even comment on my private page. My wife Tina can't post to a weather page there. Nothing. Our free speech has been placed in a 'safe space,'  i.e. silenced. It was not just about removing the 'offensive' cartoon, it was about shutting me up completely. Facebook readily complied.

Ironically, I have spent many hours complaining to Facebook when trolls have used my name and face and vandalized cartoons and published many pages calling for the murder of African Americans and Jews. Let me emphasize--they were using my name and face. Stealing my identity. In 2014 alone, there were TEN such pages and nearly every time FB told me 'the page does not violate community standards.' Horrific things were published using my ID and Facebook didn't care. In one instance my lawyer had to get involved. It was very difficult to get the libel removed. It cost me a lot of time and money. All of the libel showed up on search engines, thus degrading my free speech and muddying the waters so much that many really thought I was some kind of Nazi nut job.

Yet how easy it was to get my own, legitimate free speech removed. The cry bullies only had to gang up on Facebook and they caved. The SJWs proved the point of the cartoon. There was nothing racist about the cartoon, but all it takes is an imagined slight. Someones 'feewings' were hurt and that was enough. It was my opinion based on events unfolding and a great many people agreed with the cartoon.

Facebook is NOT a 'safe place' for free speech.

Ben Garrison

Friday, November 13, 2015

March of the Crybullies

I like the fact that college students are angry enough to revolt against the massive debt being piled on their backs just because they want to get a college degree and a good job. They should be protesting because the expenses involved have gotten ridiculous. Then, if they do graduate, a great many of them can’t find employment. Too many are forced to remain living with their parents without a chance at the American Dream, which has now become just that—a dream.

Unfortunately, too many of these young people are also upset about ridiculous things. They are part of a hypersensitive, hyper-politically correct group known as ‘Social Justice Warriors.’

A few years ago when I first heard the term 'Social Justice Warrior,’ I wasn’t sure what it meant. I thought SJWs were doing some kind of noble, laudable work. I pictured them as volunteers at food banks. Maybe they were trying to help senior citizens get the prescription medicine they couldn’t afford. I pictured them trying to help the downtrodden in society. Instead, SJWs epitomize political correctness gone amuck. They are 'special snowflakes' who are also incredibly thin-skinned. They browbeat and scold others into giving up freedom of speech or expression. Want to wear a Halloween costume? You’d better check with the campus commissar of political correctness first. (Yes, the protesters want some sort of official on campus who will determine what can and cannot be said or done). Don’t want to date a tranny? What a hateful person you are! Now we hear terms such as ‘micro-agression’ which can mean a tone of voice or expression that might cause slight discomfort to the recipient. Micro-transgressors are vilified, shamed and screamed at. Slights don’t even have to be real—they only need be imagined. Political correctness has now become a form of mass insanity. Do you still say ‘Merry Christmas?’ Watch out! Did you accidentally call a man from China a ‘Chinaman?’ OMG—look out for the pearl clutchers—you’re a horrible human being who needs to be shunned! It doesnt’ matter if the man from China was offended or not. He probably wasn’t. After all, he’s a man and he came from China.

What matters is YOU said the WRONG thing. During the Spanish Inquisition, people who said wrong things were labeled ‘heretics.’ A heretic was seen as someone who was contaminated with erroneous thinking. A heretic was going to go Hell. A heretic could be tortured because such a person had lost a connection with the omniscient church. Now that word is ‘racist.’ A racist can be scolded, driven out of jobs or forced to make a blubbering apology because they are no longer seen as connected with humanity. It doesn’t matter if the person is actually racist or not…all that needs to happen is for a SJW to perceive or imagine such a heinous transgression. It’s not only insanity, it can be amusing at times. The liberal scolds are now themselves being scolded by the generation they mollycoddled.

Please, SJWs, if you really want to do something useful, hold a mass protest calling for the end of the Federal Reserve. You’d be doing all races a favor. It’s also time to END the tyranny of ‘political correctness.'

Special thanks to John M., whose ideas helped in the creation of this cartoon.

—Ben Garrison

If you like my cartoons, I could use your help. $1 per month would help me buy time to draw more of them. Thanks!

P.S. I came across this--the 'diversity police' would make a great cartoon!


The ‘Crybully’ cartoon has already had many thousands of shares and retweets…and now I have more Patreon members...and someone also donated $50 today! We had a record amount of views on FB—many many thousands of views so far. Then I was gang-attacked on Facebook and the cartoon was removed--and I was 'banned' for a full day. So much for free speech on Facebook.

Also, the famous author and scientist Richard Dawkins re-tweeted it. In other words, it went ‘viral.’

We’re now up to 35 ‘patreons’ who are donating $270 per month! Who knows...I might be finding myself drawing cartoons for a living, ha ha.


Friday, November 06, 2015


We have a new offering on Patreon.  T-shirts made featuring the slogan, "It's Happening." When we get up to the $1,000 per month donation level, everyone who contributes $10 plus per month will get a free t-shirt in addition to the other benefits starting at that level.

OK, I know I'm drawing libertarian cartoons and not animé, and I'm not covered in tats. Nor do I have big black checkers in my earlobes or piercings...but I'm trying to make a difference and I want to draw the cartoons not seen in the mainstream media. So if you can help me overcome the constant trolling and my lack of income due to lack of commercial art will be helping to spread the message of liberty.

I convey my sincere thanks to anyone contributing--even $1 helps a lot. Also, I listen to my Patreon members and will consider all cartoon ideas. I reply to your questions and comments. Your name and info is always kept private. Contrary to what they say on /pol, I will never 'dox' anyone.

Please join our 'anti-troll, anti-corruption army' at Patreon!

Thank you!!

Ben Garrison

Thursday, November 05, 2015

New cartoon: Fed Lifting Rates

UPDATE: Well, I was wrong. They did raise rates. And they made sure the stock market got its 'Santa Claus Rally.' G. Edward Griffin recently commented that he's surprised they can keep the con game going so long. I agree. 

Let's see how long they can go before they're forced to lower rates again.


Can the Fed raise rates in the face of massive debt? I have long maintained that they can't. In fact, there has now been a bit of talk about negative rates. The Fed desperately needs higher rates right now--so they can lower them. The economic data are looking bad as usual, and spinning of that data to make 'em look better defies reality.

So...the Fed won't be raising rates anytime soon. Not without crashing the system. The can will be kicked down the road indefinitely. The stock market will continue to rise while gold and silver are held down. It's becoming a closed system. Those in charge of a printing press print it up for themselves for their derivative gambling and 'their' stock market. After all, they own almost all of it.

The money creation that benefits the central banker elite and Wall Street won't be going to Main Street or the average Joe. The average Joe will get poorer and angrier as he continues to struggle even harder to make ends meet. There will be more debt and the 'American Dream' will continue to fade into obscurity.

It's time to end the Fed and IRS and have a complete 'reset,' or 'jubilee.' Forgive all debt obligations and start again with sound money--gold and silver. Oh--and put some of the banker criminals in prison. --Ben Garrison

Washington Post and Anonymous

UPDATE 2: 'Anonymous has taken my name off their KKK list and tweeted that I should never have been on their in the first place. If that group wants to maintain any credibility at all, they'll resist the temptation to succumb to ridiculous trolling. This escapade was yet another minor tempest in a tiny teapot. Nothing to see here, move along. --BG

UPDATE: The story was updated and I appreciate the reporter taking the time and trouble to do that.

I was mentioned in the Washington Post early today because of Anonymous' release of a 'KKK list.' The reporter contacted me and I expect the story to be updated and all the doubt about me having any association whatsoever with the KKK to be removed. Anons added my name to that list for chuckles. It was trolling, plain and simple. They wanted to fool the MSM and to a certain extent they succeeded.

Most people are starting to learn about the REAL Ben Garrison and the trolls' evil doppelgänger invention is losing power and mystique. Because after all, it's a lie that can't be sustained.

I'm gaining more and more FB and Twitter followers as well as Patreon members. I'm turning things around. Now I just need more commercial art assignments.

--Ben Garrison

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Thank You, Patreon Members!

I continue to get more Patreon members and I'm humbled by their generosity. I thank them heartily and I plan on drawing more cartoons--some will be serious and some...well, I'll try to make them more funny, even though I'm not much of a comedian. On Patreon I will also listen to your input. That is, your ideas and your suggestions. My dream is to be a full-time cartoonist who exposes corruption and the faulty thinking that results from protracted exposure to political correctness.

Here's the 2nd part of "Things You Will Never See." One thing for sure, we will continue to see strange things as long as the central bankers are running the show.

--Ben Garrison

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I drew this last night on Halloween night. It shows how Trump is at least shaking up establishment politics.